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21 Historic Paintings That Are Actually You And Your Best Friend

You could've gone on nights out with Donatello. (Paintings via @MedievalReacts.)

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1. When she keeps buying you drinks on a night out.

2. When you need to sleep because you have adult responsibilities but your mate wants to go out.

3. When she's too wasted to know she's making a mistake so you gotta hold her back.

4. And when you sync up cycles and feel like daughters of the moon.

5. When she has you eavesdrop on her love life so you can dissect it with her later.

6. When you come out with receipts on the fuckboy she's seeing.

7. And when she tries to tell you your crush isn't worth the time of day but you already know.

8. When her mum wants to keep you away because you're a "bad influence".

9. When she posts "I'm fucking dead" on Twitter and you gotta check on her in private.

10. When she makes you return the fancy new dress you bought but can't afford.

11. And when you can't get a decent selfie for your Snapchat story without someone ruining it.

12. When your best mate is ripped so no one starts any trouble with you.

13. When you're out and you want to go home but your friend wants to do one more shot.

14. When you're hungover AF but she has you looking borderline presentable.

15. And when she brings you that heavenly glass of water and a paracetamol.

16. When someone says something stupid and you share a mutual understanding.

17. When you roast your mate in the group chat and then beg for her forgiveness.

18. When you tell her you've been texting your ex again.

19. And when you're both kind of a mess but know that you're a mess together.

20. When someone hurts her and you're instantly ready to fight for her honour.

21. And when she's accomplishing all kinds of successes and you surround her with love and support.