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    If You've Done 35/43 Things On This List You're Definitely Sisters

    Left bite marks and then begged them not to show your parents.

    1. Gone into their room to steal clothes and got annoyed when you ended up finding a top you’d been missing for ages in their wardrobe.

    2. Commented on a photo of them on social media calling them out for wearing your clothes.

    3. Commented on their post exposing them for telling a lie or exaggerating something online.

    4. Hacked their social media account and publicly confessed their love for you and your superiority.

    5. Changed their laptop and phone wallpaper to a picture of you.

    6. Tried to convince them they were an accident.

    7. Tried to convince them you're not related.

    8. Sent them empty texts when stuck in an awkward situation just to look like you were busy.

    9. Asked them to squeeze your spots.

    10. Asked them for advice on suspicious moles or rashes, and made them look at your gross body parts.

    11. Not gone to the toilet until they got up to go, at which you decided you desperately needed to go too, so you raced them there.

    12. Raced to go to the shower.

    13. Raced for the shotgun seat of a car.

    14. Raced to get the TV remote and then stood in front of the TV if they got there first.

    15. Let them take the heat for not doing the dishes when it was definitely your turn to do them.

    16. Stubbornly persisted in an argument even after realising you were wrong.

    17. Had a heated argument and then 5 minutes later asked if they wanna watch a movie.

    18. Tried to time it so you both played the same song exactly in sync.

    19. Tried to reach other’s minds and told everyone you were telepathically connected.

    20. Made up a secret slightly-gibberish language and felt powerful when no one could understand you.

    21. Pretended to like something just because they didn't like it and pretended not to like something just because they liked it.

    22. Found hairballs everywhere and held them next to your head to prove the hairs were hers, not yours.

    23. Talked to them while on the toilet.

    24. Guarded the bathroom door for them in public when they had to pee in a cubicle with no lock.

    25. Pulled their hair.

    26. Scratched them and left fingernail marks.

    27. Bit them and left bite marks.

    28. Exaggerated crying when they barely touched you, just for the dramatics.

    29. Used their expensive conditioner when all you had left was shampoo.

    30. Been extremely offended when anyone said you looked alike, discrediting your individuality.

    31. Made fun of their boobs.

    32. Tried really hard to be cool and aloof around their friends when really you were beaming at getting to hang out with them.

    33. Whenever there were two sisters in a band, TV, or movie, you had a designated one that was you and one that was her.

    34. Pointed at an ugly character in a movie and said “lol that one's you”.

    35. Had a dedicated folder of unflattering pictures of them on your computer, for future blackmailing purposes.

    36. Uploaded a picture to social media where you look nice and they look horrible.

    37. Used their Netflix account.

    38. Used their Netflix account and then complained when they were using up all the screens.

    39. Ate food they don’t like off their plate for them when your parents turned their backs.

    40. Been mad at each other but immediately joined forces when your parents got involved and became the common enemy.

    41. Pretended to be them when talking to family on the phone.

    42. Pretended to be them to make doctor’s appointments and talk to telemarketers.

    43. Facetimed them and made them look up your nose.

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