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    25 Of The Worst Things To Ever Happen To Food

    None of you are free of sin.

    1. This person is clearly the spawn of Satan.

    2. Even the devil himself wouldn't go near a person who puts ketchup on toast.

    3. What did this meal do to deserve such mistreatment?

    4. Whoever put time into preparing this meal before ruining it with ketchup should be banned from food for life.

    5. I mean, you can't eat rice with ketchup.

    6. Have you no self-love?

    7. Have you no shame??

    8. What would incline you to do this to a poor, unsuspecting scrambled egg?

    9. This fried egg could've had bigger dreams.

    10. Must all that potential be tarnished?????

    11. If you're the type of person who puts ketchup on their popcorn, you cannot be trusted.

    12. Whoever did this to a baked potato doesn't understand how food works.

    13. And anyone who does this to a hot dog needs to be punished.

    14. Please. Just peel the cheese string like a regular human being.

    15. Put Nutella on your pancakes and leave.

    16. Grab some mustard. Grab anything else.

    17. This person has just secured themselves seven years of bad luck.

    18. This person is destined to live a loveless life.

    19. This person probably can't even look at themselves in the mirror, knowing that this is something they intentionally did.

    20. This girl is unfazed by the crime she's committing with this cookie, and she obviously needs HELP.

    21. As if Brussels sprouts aren't bad enough, someone decided to smother them in ketchup, thinking it'd help.

    22. What would possess you to put ketchup on a goddamn tomato?

    23. You can't just blissfully continue through life after slaughtering these tamales with ketchup.

    24. You're all cursed.

    25. Every last one of you.

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