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21 Jokes About Having Good Skin You'll Only Get If Your Skin Is Awful

Me to a 5 year old: So how do you keep your skin so clear??

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1. When you do nothing and still resent the lack of results:

2. When you want tips from dermatology experts:

3. When karma should be nicer to you:

4. And when you have a short moment of confidence:

5. When you expect speedy results:

6. When you get excited about a good skin week:

7. And when you begin a lifestyle change:

8. When things get too real:

9. When you're fighting against your skin:

10. When you're being the best you you can be:

11. And when you do try, your skin is unforgiving:

12. When self care is just too extra:

13. When you'd rather enjoy the little things:

14. When oily skin is an aesthetic:

15. And when your communication is suffering:

16. When you misplace your bitter resentment:

17. When you cry for your health:

18. And when a skincare routine finally works:

19. When you treat yourself:

20. When you love yourself anyway:

21. And when you're in this together:

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