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27 Things You Learned While Living In Manchester

"City or United?"

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5. You thought you were an absolute legend hanging out at Urbis.

Remember when Sam spent our fucking train fare on a Morrissey shirt and one of my extensions fell out on Urbis :/

6. And you became an elitist after your first eye-opening trip to Afflecks.

10. You had to listen to older generations whine about making the move from Lancashire to Greater Manchester.

@BingFez I'm in Greater Manchester, not Lancashire, old man.

They still refuse to write out the technically correct address.

11. And you know that Mancunian pigeons are well advanced.

I've just seen a pigeon using the stairs to get from one place to another! Fly you lazy little shit you've got wings! #onlyinManchester


24. And no one knows why the Manchester Wheel appears and disappears at random intervals.

@phantastichemmo @AmazingPhil if the Manchester Eye is gone where the hell did they put it, it's a freaking FERRIS WHEEL!


25. You still associate the smell of weed with homeliness.

America has been incredible but I'm looking forward to getting home and the smell of shit weed that lingers around Manchester

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