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    21 Greyhounds That Are Sexier Than You, And They Know It

    Italian Greyhounds have the leggiest legs you'll ever see.

    1. Greyhounds are arguably the sexiest breeds to bless the canine population.

    2. They can be majestic and elegant like this pupper.

    3. Or tap into niche fashion trends like this proud princess.

    4. They know how to work it.

    Joel Ryan / AP

    5. Feel it.

    6. Taste it.


    7. And own it.

    8. Whether she's off to snag some studs at Bingo night.

    9. Or ready for her morning powerwalk with the suburban ladies.

    10. These ladies are on top of all the latest fashion trends.

    11. And no other dog could strut through the winter streets as gracefully as they do.


    12. Meanwhile, pups like this have abs that will make your boyfriend weep with envy.

    13. No amount of work at the gym could give you this ready-for-the-beach bod.

    14. They give a new meaning to the phrase "legs for days".

    South American girls don't know what hit 'em.

    15. And they make you question every garment you've ever purchased.

    16. Some appreciate nature.

    Smell the flowers, doggo.

    17. Some take to the public to appraise possible suitors.

    18. And some just want to lounge at home.

    Imagine waking up to this!!!

    19. But they all know what works for them and they make no apologies.

    20. Clearly, Greyhounds were put here to put us to shame.

    21. And when, on the 5th day, God said "If you got it, flaunt it", all the Greyhounds did.

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