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26 Jokes That Will Make You Seriously Reconsider Your Stance On Birds

"Gently hugging two birds with one me."

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1. A brutal cyberbully:

2. Misplaced commoners:

3. A clever masquerade:

4. A preposterous thought:

5. Cadets in formation:

6. Inconsiderate wakeup calls:

7. An astute realisation:

8. A beautiful wedding:

9. A serious interview:

10. A bird seeking revenge:

11. Independence Day victim:

12. A pudgy bird:

13. Masters of camouflage:

14. Penniless wanderers:

15. Fight or flight:

16. A lost pigeon:

17. A wholesome suggestion:

18. A cheeky intruder:

19. The fall of the economy:

20. This no-nonsense owl:

21. Unexpected eyebrows:

22. Being his best self:

23. What Twitter was made for:

24. The crumb:

25. The perfect comeback:

26. And young booby, who is all of us:

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