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25 Jokes That'll Make You Laugh If You're Not Straight

"I don't have a problem with straight people, I just don't wanna see it in public."

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you: we should strive to make straight people feel as comfortable as possible around us so they might one day come to realize we are simply human beings with hopes, dreams, and loves, just like them! me, a queer intellectual:


i hold a gender reveal party. all my relatives wait as i pull off the cake cover. the icing says "gender is a spectrum". it's too late, i have the powerpoint up


Nails when I was confused about my sexuality vs now


straight people always think ur going to hit on them when they find out ur gay like....first of all i have good taste


13 year old me: no, I’m not gay. Closet:


straight person: is he... you know... me: is he what straight person:


Me: my son has this friend at daycare named Rilee and she Coworker: omG HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND Me: well you see he is 2 and she is also 2


When your straight friend Jean makes a funny joke


14 year old me going on yahoo answers to find out if i’m gay


any gay couple holding hands in public who caught me staring at you: i'm gay and jealous not homophobic


2 years ago today I came out 😛🌈


Sorry I was led to believe that trans people were so skilled in combat that I should fear being alone in a bathroom with them


My grindr went off in my Uber pool and the women in front of me said, "I recognize that sound. My husband plays that game all the time!"


lesbian: I have a huge crush on you and I want to date you other lesbian: hold on a second. *opens twitter* hey guys this girl just told me she wants to date me, do you think she’s gay and into me or is she just being nice??


queer culture is growing up stanning and relating to disney villains


cis people using the right pronouns for trans people vs cis people when u misgender their dog



achilles and patroclus: have their ashes mixed together so that they'll never be apart even in death historians: whats better than this! guys being dudes


The whole “gays can’t drive” thing is silly. CITY gays can’t drive. Country gays can all drive bc they need to go to other towns to make out


I dont have a problem with straight people, i just dont wanna see it in public. Yknow?


the only outfit gay people wore in the 80's according to modern popular media


straight girl: of course im an ally! i LOVE gay boys they're SO CUTE and im OBSESSED with so many gay ships haha!! me:


1 year into friendship with a straight person: [in a coffeeshop] so how are your classes going? :) 3 days into friendship with a gay person: [on my couch at 3 am] and this is how I cope with existing


my baby sister sent me a Snapchat