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19 Jokes About "Friends" That Are Funny Because They're True

"I guess someone did tell us life was gonna be this way."

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The most unrealistic part of friends isn't the apartment it's when they order only one pizza for three people.


ME: of course i have fuh-er-ee-eh-nn-duh-ss DOC: are u refering to the tv show f•r•i•e•n•d•s ME: yeah DOC: u dont hav to pronounce the dots


[NBC boardroom, 1994] "So what's the show about?" Friends "ok, and what's it called? Friends "I love it, when do you start filming?" Friends



ross didn't deserve rachel rachel should have gone to paris and ross should have married his true love - that is, dinosaur bones


i can't believe ross and rachel invented the boyfriend does my makeup challenge

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