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    23 Horrifying Foods You Won't Be Able To Look At If You Have Trypophobia

    Don't look at these while eating.

    1. Does this picture make you crave cabbage or do you kinda wanna be sick?

    2. Does this seedless strawberry make your skin crawl?

    3. And does this hideously scrambled egg already make you want to stop scrolling?

    4. Or maybe these garlic cloves aren't disturbing to you at all.

    5. You'd probably love to be served this deliciously prepared cup of coffee.

    6. And you must think these holey crumpets are completely fine to look at.

    7. Could you stand watching these pancakes being prepared?

    8. Or do you think that these pancakes are everything that's wrong with the world?

    9. And that whoever made this cake is the true root of all evil.

    10. Do you feel okay after seeing close-up pictures of melon?

    11. And do you feel nothing after seeing lotus root?

    12. Then you're probably fine with seeing pictures like this corn on the cob.

    13. And you don't mind that this is what chocolate looks like when you peel it off a strawberry.

    14. But if you do hate holes, you should probably just avoid bread at all costs.

    15. And you might not be craving a bar of Aero after seeing this slice of bubbly chocolate.

    16. In fact, the sight of this chocolate might make you want to smash your screen to pieces.

    17. So you're probably not dying for a homemade brownie right now.

    18. And this picture of papaya kinda makes you resent nature.

    19. You might want to give up carbs for life after seeing noodles like this.

    20. God forbid you ever have to look at this spaghetti-o abomination.

    21. And maybe you should avoid putting carrots in the freezer so that this doesn't happen.

    22. If you're feeling queasy now, you should probably not look closely at a Crunchie bar.

    23. And don't at any cost ever go near actual honeycomb.