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    Updated on Oct 24, 2019. Posted on Jun 23, 2017

    18 Food Flavours You Would Have Never Imagined Together

    Bacon candy floss and pizza beer.

    1. Cappuccino crisps

    Twitter: @heliadoparda

    Cappuccino is delicious. Crisps are delicious. Cappuccino crisps could be... delicious too?

    2. Hot chocolate chewing gum

    Twitter: @BoredInCT

    Served at room temperature, presumably.

    3. Curry and chips flavoured chocolate


    Two delicious foods that someone decided to combine.

    4. Energy drink flavoured crisps

    Twitter: @karan__jain

    For your inner bro.

    5. And crisp flavoured energy drinks


    6. Cinnamon soda

    7. Pigs in blankets crisps

    Twitter: @bonitapolo9

    For when you really can't be bothered to cook at Christmas.

    8. Yoghurt soda

    Because of course.

    9. Marshmallow flavoured milk

    Twitter: @kelligurl

    Sounds like a very sweet milkshake.

    10. Carrot-orange and tomato-cherry ice cream

    For when you're on a health kick, but you're craving ice cream.

    11. Wine gum flavoured cookies

    Twitter: @hangry

    Tbf, both are sacred food types.

    12. Grilled corn chocolate

    Twitter: @porkbarrelbbq

    Dinner and dessert all in one.

    13. Root beer toaster pasteries

    For the sweetest breakfast ever.

    14. Guacamole crisps

    Twitter: @martinjgauna

    But what will you dip them in?

    15. Jellybean milk

    Twitter: @gailwerner

    But hey, it's low fat!

    16. Pizza beer

    For when cracking open a cold one while eating pizza is too taxing.

    17. Bacon candy floss


    Tbf, you can never have too much bacon.

    18. And finally, bacon lollipops

    Twitter: @liizball

    Bacon everything, apparently.


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