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    14 Times Feminists Actually Went Too Far

    There's a line, guys.

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    1. Look, MAYBE feminism was necessary a century ago, but some people nowadays can just take it WAY too far.

    Sexual liberation is fine and all that, but some feminists just don't know where the line is.

    2. And sure, in this day and age why shouldn't the woman be the one to make the first move...but is this really what feminists think flirting looks like?

    Whatever happened to old-fashioned chivalry?

    3. Some feminists will go on and on about how women shouldn't be objectified – but then they turn right around and objectify men!

    Feminists can be so hypocritical sometimes.

    4. Honestly, feminists should be fighting for their own jobs in their own spaces, not stealing a man's reproductive role entirely. Isn't that what Lean In is all about?

    Children are being raised in broken homes without strong father figures. It's leading to a total breakdown in modern society, and also in the deep sea.

    5. Feminists are willing to lie to men and it's not okay!

    What happened to the self-assured woman who claimed mothers could parent on their own?

    6. It used to be that men and women knew their roles in a relationship. But now some females have forgotten how to forgive their man for even the smallest mistake.

    One "offensive" comment and she's strangling and eating him.

    7. I mean, feminists are always complaining about "manspreading", but instead of just asking men nicely to make room, they eat them!

    Can someone please tell feminists to chill out every now and then??

    8. Men nowadays are being forced to jump through hoops just to please their partner.

    Reasonable women who won't eat you are few and far between.

    9. Being opposed to slut-shaming is fine, but hiding your ornamental features because you think men are obsessed with you? Wow, that's a bit vain.

    Do feminists really think they're that hot?

    10. Nontraditional parenting methods are starting to go a bit too far.

    There's a line, guys.

    11. Sometimes feminists are like, "I don't have to wear makeup!" and sometimes they wear a ton of makeup... How are men supposed to know if they want attention or not?

    This is why you have to take her swimming, right guys??

    12. Fatherhood is every man's right. It's time we stopped celebrating women who think they can do whatever they want with their bodies.

    Is sex not even allowed any more??

    13. You feminists claim you want equal pay, but offer nothing to the potential love of your life who's jumped through hoops to woo you? Heartless.

    What will it take to finally make feminists happy? Nothing – it's IMPOSSIBLE. This is why they're all sad and alone.

    14. Ladies, there's such a thing as getting TOO competitive with men.

    I thought you guys wanted equality? Give it a rest, feminists!

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