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21 Dramatic Teen Diary Entries That Will Make You Cringe And Laugh

"Dear Diary, I really am developing breasts."

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2. "When I was about 13 I had a huge crush on Aaron Carter. When he and Hilary Duff started dating I wrote in my diary, 'How am I ever going to get over him?! It hurts to know he has a girlfriend! My heart hurts. I feel like I’m dying! What am I going to do? No one will ever be able to fill this void in my heart.'

I was over it in a week."

Submitted by islat4c4664e70.


4. "I wrote a list of people’s names at the back and what they should change them to should this diary ever be published."

Submitted by smileyma.

6. "I had written in my diary after a fight with my mom, and was very angry with her, saying things like 'I hate Mom, she’s so unfair'. My sister found the diary later and showed it to her. My mom wasn’t mad, she knew I was just venting my anger, but she punished my sister for invading my privacy. Best mom ever."

Submitted by Adree.


8. "In the diary I kept when I was about nine, I wrote 'Dear God, please give me big boobs.' Later in my life I got large boobs and have since regretted asking God for boobs."

Submitted by grak.

10. "When I was in sixth grade, I was in an online relationship with a guy over IM. He lived in Britain, was a year older than me, and called me pretty, so I fell head over heels for him. Some of my entries about him included 'What is it, really? Love and longing? Or a passé.' When things took a turn for the worse (he proudly declared he made out with his neighbour in front of his mother) I wrote inspirational quotes I read in magazines, my favourite of which is, 'Pick your head up, princess, your tiara is falling. He was never faithful.'

I’ve always been dramatic."

Submitted by graced463c17421.


12. "I wrote in my diary once to remember to be mad at my mom when I wake up the next day, because she made me go to bed early. It read '1) Wake up 2) Get dressed 3) Stay mad at mom 4) Eat breakfast'"

Submitted by katiem419162026.

14. "I made a chart in my diary of how many of my friends had gotten their period (I hadn't yet, obviously) and called it the Periodic Table."



16. "I wrote that I wanted to feel the guy I liked’s 'power'. I was in 7th grade, my mom read my diary. I guess I thought she wouldn’t figure out what I wanted."

Submitted by rachelsporyh.

18. "When I was in 6th grade, I used to write about how much I admired a girl at school. I would write for hours about how cool and pretty she was. Looking back, I think I had a bit of a crush, but of course 11 year old me (who didn’t really know what gay meant) just thought I wanted to be her best friend."

Submitted by httplauren.


20. "I had a pretty princess diary and I found it the other day. The first entry starts with, 'My heart is black with evil, grotesque in ways unthought.' This continues for eight whole pages."

Submitted by meganw40eb3aa30.

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