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24 Pictures That Prove Cats Can't Take Selfies For Shit

Know your angles.

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1. This cat who was trying to take a selfie and captured himself yawning.

2. This kitty who was about to take a powerful selfie if someone hadn't jumped up on her.

3. This cat seriously needs to figure out her angles.

Instagram: @luckyandsnick

Cheekbones for days though.

4. And this stud was trying to take a sexy selfie in bed to send to the cute Persian across the street.

It totally worked.

It totally worked.

5. This kitty is a technophobe and clearly hasn't yet mastered how to work a front camera.

6. This cat has no idea what the fuck she is doing.

Instagram: @sharkanaut

7. While this kitty stills think close-up shots of her eyes are artsy and cool.

Instagram: @chakrathekitten

8. This cat was actually trying to film a video.

Instagram: @__rosarito

9. This cat is honestly just shocked at the concept of his reflection.

Instagram: @raychieshaw

Because he is a cat and doesn't know shit about physics.

10. And this weirdo kitty is stuck in 2006 and thinks this pose is so ~random~.

Instagram: @sharkanaut

11. This cat was taking a perfectly nice selfie when he suddenly remembered that the economy is in shambles.

Stress has a tendency to bring out your 9.5 chins.
Twitter: @trumanchlo

Stress has a tendency to bring out your 9.5 chins.

12. This kitty missed the memo that angles from below are not flattering for anyone.

Instagram: @eggythecatman

13. This cat actually thinks this is a sexy pic for her Tinder profile.

Instagram: @tifius

Learn how to contour, perhaps.

14. And this kitten is having far too much fun with wacky filters.

Instagram: @mauwai61

15. This kitty was trying to document his night out but ended up with a series of blurry photos.

16. While this cat's snapchat story of the night is just a series of brags about being the life of the party.

We get it.

17. And this kitten thought drunken selfies would be a great idea.

18. This cat is reacting to her cat suitor sending unwanted nudes.

Instagram: @thenaff

19. This kitty wanted to know how menacing he looks from a birds eye view.

Little did he know.

Little did he know.

20. And this cat is trying to secure his street cred with this pathetic attempt at looking tough.

21. This cat is trying to perfect his charming wink.

He's nailed it.

He's nailed it.

22. This silly kitty didn't realise he still had the flash turned on.

Rookie mistake.

Rookie mistake.

23. This cat's camera roll is just evidence that she's had enough.

24. And this kitty had the timer on but slipped while trying to strike a pose.

Would've been a great selfie though, for sure.

Would've been a great selfie though, for sure.

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