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24 Pictures That Prove Cats Can't Take Selfies For Shit

Know your angles.

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3. This cat seriously needs to figure out her angles.

Instagram: @luckyandsnick

Cheekbones for days though.


6. This cat has no idea what the fuck she is doing.

Instagram: @sharkanaut

7. While this kitty stills think close-up shots of her eyes are artsy and cool.

Instagram: @chakrathekitten

8. This cat was actually trying to film a video.

Instagram: @__rosarito

9. This cat is honestly just shocked at the concept of his reflection.

Instagram: @raychieshaw

Because he is a cat and doesn't know shit about physics.

10. And this weirdo kitty is stuck in 2006 and thinks this pose is so ~random~.

Instagram: @sharkanaut

12. This kitty missed the memo that angles from below are not flattering for anyone.

Instagram: @eggythecatman

13. This cat actually thinks this is a sexy pic for her Tinder profile.

Instagram: @tifius

Learn how to contour, perhaps.

14. And this kitten is having far too much fun with wacky filters.

Instagram: @mauwai61

18. This cat is reacting to her cat suitor sending unwanted nudes.

Instagram: @thenaff

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