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17 Tiny Angels Who Cannot Wait For Christmas

’Tis the season.

1. This cat who gets to experience a shiny tree for the first time each year.

My cat forgets what a Christmas tree is every year and it's wonderful

2. This puppy who got to meet her idol this Christmas.

My dogs favorite toy is Santa, so we brought her to see him

3. These kitties who are basking in the romantic festive lighting.

4. This actual Christmas miracle.

5. This cat who is the shiniest star of all.

6. This gorgeous dog who thinks that lights are beautiful.

She thought the lights were pretty but I thought she was prettier 😭❤️

7. And this dog who just cannot wait anymore.

Christmas is just 17 days away...

8. This kitty who remains festive, despite everything.

Me in November vs me in December

9. This dog who is shining bright.

She wasn't sure at first but now she's loving i

10. This cat who replaced baby Jesus.

11. This puppy who embodies the holy spirit.

12. And this little hero who is spreading seasonal love.

My mom works at a hospital & they have this service dog go around to cheer up patients. Here he is earlier today wi… https://t.co/8hZVmZ7ViO

13. This cat who could probably model for Christmas brochures.

14. This tiny show of Christmas joy.

15. This dog who aspires to be as tall as the top of the tree.

My daughter from a year ago to today, how time flies 😭

16. This kitty who thinks he's a bauble.

Always good when your cat thinks he's a bauble

17. And this lizard, who is not a cat or a dog, but is actually the most excited for Christmas.