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27 Times Anonymous Questions On Tumblr Were Genuinely Hilarious

Does Lightning McQueen have life insurance or car insurance?

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1. On this popular game:

2. On the blessings of vision:

3. On sexuality:

4. On race:

5. On Denny's, the restaurant:

6. On this piece of gossip:

7. On geography and linguistics:

8. On how much makeup to wear:

9. On location:

10. On being a model citizen:

11. On existence:

12. On being in a relationship:

13. On love:

14. On subjective popularity:

15. On type:

16. On specific turn ons:

17. On powerful fashion:

18. On the musings of Cars:

19. On the confines of age:

20. On fear:

21. On thinking before speaking:

22. On drugs:

23. On cows:

24. On timeless advice:

25. On the importance of clarity:

26. On eroticism:

27. And on Paris: