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    22 Things You Know If You're An Introvert With An Extroverted Best Friend

    Opposites do attract.

    1. You're great at listening and they're great at talking so it's really a match made in heaven.

    2. And they're more than willing to listen when you bottle up all your gossip for the next time you hang out.

    3. You've become masters of compromise over the years, and you spend equal amounts of time exploring each other's interests.

    4. You live vicariously through their adventures, even though you kinda get tired just hearing about how hectic it is.

    5. And you mean entirely different things when one of you asks questions like "who will be there?"

    6. They've learned to accept your excuses for not wanting to hang out with others, so you can actually just be honest about it.

    7. And they still always invite you to things, even if they know you're probably going to say no.

    8. They understand that sometimes you DO want to socialise; you just like it in small doses and prefer to cool off afterwards.

    9. They're happy to let you stick by their side while they introduce you to people because strangers can be a little much.

    10. When they need you to accompany them for moral support, you can find little ways to entertain yourself.

    11. And when they want out, you can communicate with just a look and swoop in to save each other.

    12. Because at the end of the day, you both thrive when you get a chance for the two of you to hang out alone in sweatpants.

    13. People may question your friendship because at first glance it seems like you absolutely should not be as close as you are.

    14. In fact, the lives you lead are polar opposites.

    15. It probably took some time for them to get to know you because you're so closed off.

    16. And it eventually developed into a super secret friendship because you know the hidden ~deep~ parts of their personality and they know what you're like at your most carefree.

    17. They push you to embrace new experiences and do things you would otherwise avoid.

    18. And you're great at reeling them back whenever they begin to show their flair for the dramatic.

    19. They defend you when people misinterpret your quietness as being rude.

    20. And likewise, you defend them when people misinterpret their bubbly persona as being shallow.

    21. You understand when they want you to have a place in their busier life, and they understand when you need some alone time.

    22. And even though you disagree on 1001 things, you really couldn't be happier that you've found each other.