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19 Things All Kids Do That You Can't Do Now

It's just not acceptable.

1. Spit out food when you don't like it.

2. Just eat the bits of the food you like and leave the rest.

Twitter: @whereuBenson

People would judge you, and your mum won't finish your leftovers.

3. Play with a wobbly tooth.

You never have them anymore and tbh it'd be concerning if you did.

4. And then stick your tongue where the gap is once the tooth falls out.

5. Spit your drink out and then continue to drink it.

6. Throw a physical tantrum when you have to put something back at the grocery store.

Twitter: @TipsForNewDads

You have these really annoying things called self-awareness and embarrassment.

7. Stick random things up your nose.

Twitter: @DChrisGarner

It's generally frowned upon.

8. Pick up random bugs you find.

9. Not eat the crust of your sandwiches.

Twitter: @RHMaldonado

You just gotta eat it.

10. Avoid eating the crust of literally everything.

11. Eat Play-Doh.

It was so salty and soft.

12. Wear your clothes inside out.

Twitter: @davidnaugle

An office atmosphere probably isn't quite as accepting as the playground.

13. Cover your hands in glue, wait for it to dry, and then bask in peeling it off.

14. Fall asleep wherever you want, whenever you want.

Twitter: @KayywaDee

Naps do make a comeback in early adulthood, but you have to plan for them.

15. Eat stuff off the floor.

Twitter: @jaceyraney

Instead you have to pretend you abide by the five-second rule.

16. Ask "why" whenever you don't 100% grasp something.

Things just remain a mystery.

17. Treat your skin like a canvas.

You can't just pretend to be a lion whenever you feel like it.

18. Draw bad pictures and have people proclaim you an artist akin to Picasso.

mkusich16 / BuzzFeed

It's much harder to earn a spot on the fridge now.

19. And just hang around completely covered in stains.

Twitter: @TheBabyHQ

You're expected to be clean????

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