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17 Deeply Fascinating Pictures Of Things Organised By Colour

ROYGBIV is the mantra.

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1. This before and after shot of gummy bears:

2. This expertly crafted stack:

3. These precisely organised apps:

4. This perfect tea bag rainbow:

5. This ultra-calming bookcase:

6. This fruit gradient:

7. And these carefully placed marbles:

8. These wavy peppers:

9. This gradient of rainbow bottles

10. This immaculate partyware display:

11. This impeccably organized cereal:

12. These exquisite crayons:

13. This colour coded wardrobe:

14. And these perfectly laid out t-shirts:

15. This spectrum of pomegranate seeds:

16. This gorgeous bookstand:

17. And this flawlessly sorted wheel of sweets:

H/T r/OddlySatisfying