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Is Tinder Here To Stay? Or Does It Have To Leave For The Better? The Choice Is Yours To Make.

As modern day dating gets more prevalent, we discuss trust issues and intimacy lines that are getting blurrier and blurrier as the days go by.

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Booty Hunting and More


These days you don't have to leave the house and attend parties to meet new people. Rather, you meet new people before attending parties and getting wasted with them. So is that a good or bad thing?

As an optimist, I'd say it's good. Like hey you get to know each other virtually first and hence all awkward real-life scenarios are avoided. But then comes the issue of fake information a.k.a "catfishing" as most of us would call it nowadays. So who do you trust? The guy who ticks off all the boxes of the physical attributes you desire in the man of your dreams or the less athletic and shorter than 6"2 guy who happens to play the same sport and listen to the same type of music you do?

Then comes the issue of platonic, casual or romantic relationships which I address as the lines of intimacy. One thing you must tell yourself is that you ALWAYS have a choice, and that is YOURS to make. For example, if you're sentimental AF like me then of course hookups are a BIG NO-NO but if you trust yourself to NOT wake up the next morning ALONE wishing you could hold his hand and lie on his lap again like you did last night after you guys play with each other's genitals then gurlll, I'd say go hard or go home.

Yes the lines are becoming blurrier as the days go by but it's up to you to put things straight and make it clear. Of course if you're initially just horny and you're on Tinder because you're ONLY DTF (down to f*ck) or "booty hunting" as a guy whom I matched with puts it, then you'll probably go straight to the point and your Tinder conversations would revolve around 24/7 sexting and begging for each other's snapchat or numbers so yall can exchange nudes.

But if you're fickle-minded and unsure then I'd say go for a physical date if the conversation is going well and smooth and you foresee a good time with him/her. From there it's easier for you to decide what you want; platonic, casual, romantic etc. And trust me all three of these are possible. Once, I was solely playing the role of tour guide to a new-found male friend who wanted to explore a popular tourist attraction in my country (Singapore) and it was wholly platonic. Nothing more, and hey I ain't complanin'. Personally, meeting new people feeds my soul. And Tinder might just be the perfect platform for that where you can get to know people from all over the world, learn more about the country they're from, their culture, language and so much more.

I'd say Tinder is here to stay. Just like all other social media platforms, it all depends on how we use it. And as for Tinder, you have the freedom to use it IN a myriad of ways, FOR a myriad of ways. Whether it's only booty hunting, or soulmate searching or both, you do you and YOU make it clear. The lines are blurry only because you make them to be.

Hence, despite the occasional cries and complaints of how he/she doesn't look like his/her instagram photos when you met him/her in real life and how he/she is weirder than how you anticipated him/her to be, I guess the modern way of dating through the Internet isn't all bad. Oh and realising how daddy issues are a real thing when you meet him/her. Well, looks are deceiving. Don't say I didn't warn ya! I guess it's up to you to perceive the deceive. Hehe.

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