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Why I Think Logan Was A Loser

Hear me out before you jump to conclusions!

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Now, before you pounce on me, let me clarify that I love Logan, aka the Wolverine, from the bottom of my heart. Lord knows I do. But, after watching his latest movie, I can't help but pity him, and think of him as someone who failed in his life.

I mean, with an adamantium skeleton, claws that can cut through anything, and a body that heals almost instantly, he could have taken over the world. And if that's too much to ask for, he could at least be a very rich man, or become the leader of some country.

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Hell, I'm sure some societies would eagerly worship him! And if that too is too much to ask for, he could have at least married a couple of times, or sired a few dozen children. But no, after having lived for over 195 years, he became a limo driver living in a ramshackle cottage in the middle of nowhere, without a girlfriend, and having two grumpy old mutants for company. What's more, he's contemplating suicide!

Despite having existed for nearly two centuries, he learned no special skills, and no foreign languages. He couldn't even fight very well. I mean, I'm sure you'd agree with me when I say that Laura was way more accurate, efficient, and nimble during fights. She even spoke two languages flawlessly! I like to imagine she'd be nothing less than a deity by the time she's 200.

Well, I guess Logan's a good example of what happens to someone who aimlessly drifts through life. In my opinion, Victor, his brother, was way more driven and enthusiastic about life in general. I wonder what happened to him. Surely he must have been healthier than Logan because he had no adamantium poisoning him. Maybe he moved to some foreign country and became a dictator there. I believe he deserves his own movie--by the way, Liev Schreiber is an awesome actor.

PS: I'm someone who hasn't read any X-Men comics. All my knowledge about Logan comes from the X-Men movies only.

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