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    19 Great Ways To Improve Yourself For A Better Life

    Here are nineteen great ways to improve yourself for a better life. Don't hesitate to try them!

    # 1. Read for an hour every day, instead of browsing the internet.

    Take the time to improve yourself mentally by selecting a book to read for an hour every day. Also, make this your excuse to purchase a new piece of text once a week. Your mind will grow wider, and you will gain the pleasure of discovering reading for entertainment once again.

    # 2. Keep a positive attitude and outlook on life.

    Turn phrases like "I can't do it" to something more positive like "I can do it". Smile whenever you can, keep yourself motivated by telling yourself you can do whatever you put to mind.

    # 3. Learn a new skill or take up a new hobby.

    Try something that is easy to learn, and can be useful. For example, if you find knitting to be difficult try something like crocheting. Or if you would like to learn how to cook new dishes try and sign up for a cooking class.

    # 4. Sign up for a college course.

    Many people who want to improve their lives start off by looking at college campuses, and what they have available. Look at what you want to learn and begin by signing up for a couple of classes.

    # 5. Take the time and learn a new language.

    Bilingual or multilingual skills are a skill that will consistently stand out to potential employers. Learning another language can also increase your worldly outlook and help you connect with people around the world.

    # 6. Embrace your mistakes.

    Your mistakes make you who you are. Accept them, learn from them, use them to make yourself a better person.

    # 7. Give yourself a rule to live from throughout life.

    It could be anything positive. Some people live by rules as simple as "Make today better than the last". While others live by rules that are a little more in depth such as "Live today as though it were your last" or even "Never go to sleep angry."

    # 8. Create an inspirational environment.

    Whether it's a wall in your home or room, you can better yourself by surrounding yourself with things that inspire you. Now all you ask is who or what inspires you? Do you have a message that you wish to live by, or perhaps a favorite sports star?

    # 9. Give yourself a weekly exercise routine.

    Sometimes the best way to improve yourself is improving your physique. Give yourself a clear cut goal and make yourself an exercise routine to fit it. Do you want to be able to run a mile in less than ten minutes? Make a goal to run for a while every single day, and make sure you can get further each time you run.

    # 10. Give yourself a daily todo list.

    Not only will this help improve your organization skills and help you stop procrastinating. Include things like creating a budget, organize your closet, and even clean a room in your home. A todo list will also give you a sense of purpose each and every day.

    # 11. Quit a bad habit.

    Try to stop smoking, lessen those drinking habits, stop eating so many sweets every night. Whatever it is, if you consider it a bad habit try your best to quit it.

    # 12. Learn to prioritize yourself.

    Now this isn't being selfish; this is learning that you are your top priority. Making sure you are happy and healthy is much more important than making sure the person constantly asking you for favors is happy and healthy.

    # 13. Avoid people who are negative.

    Negativity is like a disease and it can and will spread from person to person. Even sitting close to a person who is in a bad mood can put you in a bad mood for the day.

    # 14. Watch less television.

    Most television today is either mindless or unnecessary. Why sit on the couch and watch tv when you can visit the local library or a museum and partake in some culture?

    # 15. Start a 30-day challenge.

    These challenges are great because they give you a clear cut goal that can be met within a month's time. Do you want to learn how to paint a beautiful scene within a month, there's a challenge. Do you want to lose 15 pounds? There's a challenge for that as well.

    # 16. Stop procrastinating.

    Many people live by the phrase "Why do it today when you can leave it for tomorrow?" If you are one of those people, get rid of that way of thinking. Today's tomorrow can quickly become next week, then next month, and soon nothing is getting done in your home. If something needs to be done, make sure to do it now.

    # 17. Show kindness to those around you.

    Take the time and do something small to make another person's day. Even something as simple as loaning someone your pen or opening a door can improve someone's day drastically.

    # 18. Strive to change one thing every day for the better.

    Whether it's deciding to add a small salad to every meal to live a more healthy and active lifestyle. Or removing the picture on the wall that causes you to become bitter for some reason. Strive to make one small change in your life or home every single day, just to better yourself.

    # 19. Don’t rush things.

    Whether it's a relationship, or wanting to learn something. Rushing is the one thing you must never do. Everything happens in its own time, and for some, it's faster than others. Go at your pace, and don't let anyone try and drag you just because they want you to keep up with them.