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Parents Share The Silliest Things Their Kids Fight About

From Connect Four pieces to TV remotes, these parents share what's too trivial for their kids to argue over — apparently NOTHING.

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"Who gets to decide what's on TV.

"Who gets to play with the toy next.

"Who got more food on their plate.

"Who has to sit in the middle seat in the back of the car.

"Whose fault it was when something breaks.

"Who gets to do something first (going down a slide, ride at the park, etc.)

"Who owns something — 'That's mine!'"

—Rachael L.



"Who got to wear glasses, even though only one of them needed them."

—Marie C.


"If Sammy wants the red chips in Connect Four, he and Rudy fight over who gets to be the red chips. If he suddenly wants to be the black chips, they fight over who gets to be the black chips."

—Carlos R.



"Whether or not someone is your best friend (usually not)."

—Mary L.


"Who said something first ('I already said that!')"

—Kristina M.


"Who gets to ride up front."

—Kiera A.



"Whether or not holding your hand one inch from from someone else's face is considered 'touching.'"

—Emily K.


"Whether someone started their Hungry Hungry Hippo before I shouted go, who is best at Hungry Hungry Hippo, and why Kinsley always gets to be the orange hippo (despite the fact that Kinsley isn't always the orange hippo)."

—Ashley I.



"Whose turn is it to wear the crappy plastic necklace someone found at a princess party.

"Who brushes their teeth first.

"Whether they'll take a shower or bath.

"Who takes first shower/bath. (Nobody wants to go first.)

"Who sits on which side of the table.

"Where Daddy sits.

"Where Mama sits."

—Ari V.


"Whenever we're playing Operation, they always argue over how large and small intestine are pronounced. 'It's large interesting!'"

—Gene P.



"Who gets to hold the remote, even if no one is changing the channel."

—Autumn B.


"My daughters shared a room, and they raced to get into bed to avoid having to be the one to turn the light out. If they got into bed at the same time, they went back and forth until I had to yell for one of them to do it."

—April B.

At least the one thing kids can all agree on is game night with Hasbro Games.

So Get Your Family Game On now — before they start fighting over which piece is theirs.