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11 Skills From Twister That Are Valuable To Everyday Life

First, right hand red. Next, THE WORLD! Getting good on a Twister mat has so many more practical applications than one might think. Grab a game of Twister for yourself and see!

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1. Escaping an awkward hug:

2. Posing with your cat:

3. Navigating an impossible subway crowd:

4. Squeezing into tight clothing:

5. Fitting inside small spaces:

(For the purpose of filming and putting on the internet, of course.)

6. Catching yourself when you slip:

7. Holding a pose like a statue:

8. Doing the downward-facing dog:


(And all kinds of yoga.)

9. Getting your dance on:

10. Giving quality high fives:

11. Dealing with people who are all up in your personal space:

Whatcha waiting for? There are so many reasons to get your Twister on!

mark sebastian / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: markjsebastian