14 Scrabble-Themed Gifts For Any Word Nerd

The board is just the beginning. These gifts are perfect for anyone who’s dedicated to seeking out triple word scores. And for extra Scrabble goodness, Hasbro is game for anything.

1. For lounging between letters, handmade pillows:

RyensMarketplace / Via etsy.com

2. For sweet smarties, edible cupcake tiles:

Studio Sweets / Via etsy.com

3. For a spelling lesson between bites, fridge magnets:

LettersByLilly / etsy.com

LettersByLilly / etsy.com

LettersByLilly / etsy.com


4. For a high-scoring holiday, a Christmas ornament:

LettersByLilly / Via etsy.com

5. For the dapper wordsmith, silver-plated cuff links:

LaMiaCasa / etsy.com

LaMiaCasa / etsy.com


6. For saying something beyond the board, oversized tiles:

15tangerines / etsy.com

15tangerines / etsy.com


7. For lettered latte drinkers, a coffee mug:

8. For drinks between thinks, some nerdy coasters:


9. For some smart art, an oversized Scrabble board:

VanillaHawk / Via etsy.com

13. For always keeping it official, an official dictionary:

14. For the lavish life, a vintage board:

Restoration Hardware / restorationhardware.com

Restoration Hardware / restorationhardware.com


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