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10 Weird Board Game Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Board games have brought friends and family together for decades. But some of them have a pretty interesting history. Bring the fun home with Hasbro Game Night.

1. The Chutes and Ladders predecessor, "Snakes and Ladders" originated in 16th century India.

2. If all Scrabble tiles ever produced were placed in a straight line, it could loop around the world twice.

3. Yahtzee was invented by a Canadian couple who enjoyed entertaining their guests with the game aboard their yacht.

4. The word Jenga means "built" in Swahili.

5. The creator of RISK was a French film maker who won an Oscar later the same year.

6. In Monopoly, there's a 64% chance a player will land on one of the Railroads every time around the board.

7. The largest Twister mat ever assembled measured over 40,000 square feet.

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The world record for largest Twister mat was just broken in the Fall of 2012 by students at the Aztec Recreation Center of SDSU.

8. The Hippos in the original Hungry Hungry Hippos game all had proper names.

9. A ten day long game of Monopoly was once held inside of an elevator.

10. Clue was created as a pastime during lengthy WWII air raid drills and was called "Murder!" at the time.