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10 Of The Most Memorable Game Night TV Cameos

Nothing brings people together more than a good game, even in the fictional world of television. Here are some of our favorite pop culture nods to game night. Create your own memorable moments with Hasbro's Game Night.

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6. Hungry Hungry Hippos - The Cleveland Show


In one particular episode, The Cleveland Show's Bear character is seen playing the classic game, then debating whether it should be called "Hungry Hungry Hippos" or "Full of Themselves Full of Themselves Hippos" because "Hippos are real jerks."

7. Scrabble - The X-Files


This typically spooky late episode of the X-Files proved once and for all that cheating at Scrabble always means trouble. Moments after this man took a peek at his wive's board, an other-worldly creature entered the home and attacked the couple.

8. Operation - Fringe


FOX's Fringe is known for dropping all sorts of fun Easter eggs in its shows - this brief scene showing the characters playing Operation was a direct reference to later episodes in the season in which a man with robotic insides was carefully operated on.

9. Candyland - That 70's Show


Young Eric Forman was known to hide his money in an unlikely place: his Candy Land game box. That is, until someone figured out his stash and it went missing. As Fez said: "How could such a sad thing happen in such a happy place?"

10. Scrabble - 30 Rock


When Jack decides to launch a pocket microwave, he uses Scrabble tiles to pick a name for the new product at random. Unfortunately, the random results come out unsavory and he decides to shift his strategy.