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10 Little Offenses We Wish We Could Fine Our Friends For

Nobody's perfect, even your best friend. Avoid these tiny crimes against friendship and learn the rules of always playing fair with Neil Patrick Harris and Hasbro Game Night.

1. When they borrow your clothes and return them stained.

2. When they eat the last cookie.

3. When they tag you in a horribly unflattering picture on Facebook.

4. When they ask if you they can have a bite of your food and just go for it before you give them an answer.

5. When they "drop by" unannounced when you're in the middle of watching something embarrassing on TV.

6. When they IM you during a busy work day to ask what "yolo" means.

7. When they need to crash on your couch for a weekend but end up staying a full week.

8. When they don't tell you you have a giant piece of spinach stuck between your teeth.

9. When they show up twenty minutes late without texting that they're running behind schedule.

10. When they complain about their appearance all the time even though they're beautiful and maybe they need new glasses?