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15 Board Games That Make Great Gifts For Every Type Of Person

Need help gifting this holiday season?

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1. For the yogi in your life.

2. For the chatterbox.

3. For the planner.

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It's all about strategy and planning here, and that organized person in your life will know how to win every time in Connect 4.

4. For the person you low-key want revenge on.

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Don't lie: You absolutely have secret beef with one of their friends. Get them back with Pie Face Showdown.

5. For the person who's a bottomless pit.

6. For the aspiring DJ.

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Dropmix is a no-brainer for your friend who's already making playlists for every party anyway.

7. For the competitive friend in the group.

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They don't have to be an athlete or a gymnast to love Fantastic Gymnastics — just someone who likes to win.

8. For the person who can do anything.

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You don't need thumbs to do the things in Get a Grip. You don't...need...thumbs. *struggle struggle, strain strain*

9. For the dreamer.

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Everything is possible in the Game of Life, and everything is possible for that special friend too.

10. For the person who's always getting hurt.

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It'll be a nice LOL moment when you give Operation to your clumsy friend.

11. For the person who binges too many murder mysteries.

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The suspense is killing the study...with a butter knife in Clue.

12. For the party animal who owns at party games.

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Coinhole is like cornhole but so much smaller and easier to play on a tabletop at any party.

13. For the person who thinks before they speak.

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Don't put your foot in your mouth. Just good advice in general. And also you'll lose in Taboo if you do.

14. For someone who is good with their hands.

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Deftness, agility, and a gentle touch is what's needed in Jenga.

15. For the person who thinks they're an amateur sleuth.

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