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15 Board Games That Make Great Gifts For Every Type Of Person

Need help gifting this holiday season?

1. For the yogi in your life.

2. For the chatterbox.

3. For the planner.

4. For the person you low-key want revenge on.

5. For the person who's a bottomless pit.

6. For the aspiring DJ.

7. For the competitive friend in the group.

8. For the person who can do anything.

9. For the dreamer.

10. For the person who's always getting hurt.

11. For the person who binges too many murder mysteries.

12. For the party animal who owns at party games.

13. For the person who thinks before they speak.

14. For someone who is good with their hands.

15. For the person who thinks they're an amateur sleuth.

Give unlimited lulz for the holidays this year with classic games from Hasbro.