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    10 "L Word" Moments That We All Absolutely Could've Lived Without

    What the hell were the writers thinking?

    Our favorite girls in tight dresses, who drag with mustaches came to our screens in 2004, becoming the first series to showcase lesbian day-to-day life on television. While they were talking, laughing, loving, breathing, fighting, f*cking, crying, drinking (you get the point) we were right there next to them. But admit it — there were a lot of moments in the show that made you go what the hell were the writers thinking?

    10. Shane's career as a hairdresser

    shane is cutting someone's hair

    9. Bette's short-lived relationship with her student, Nadia

    bette sits on a desk looking at nadia

    8. That Carmen-Jenny-Shane love triangle

    two women kiss

    7. Jenny having a dog murdered...then getting another one later that season

    jenny holds a dog while driving a car

    6. Kit and Angus breaking up

    kit and angus looking at each other

    5. Carmen being left at the altar

    carmen in a wedding gown

    4. Shane and Jenny dating

    3. Kit dying of a drug overdose

    kit singing into a mic

    2. Jenny's death

    jenny wears a ponytail and has a neutral look on her face

    1. And Dana dying

    So which moments did you think were unnecessary? Share them in the comments below so we can roll our eyes )or cry our eyes out) together.