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    Introducing Japan's #1 Rogue Mascot: Funassyi

    5 things you need to know about Japan's most popular mascot character—a yellow marshmallow looking lump dressed in a Japanese pre-schooler’s outfit. But don't worry, it's a pear fairy. / Via

    Within the past decade, many prefectures began producing representative mascot characters called yuru-chara to appeal to the public. They're usually gentle characters with a sweet disposition, but Funassyi (pronounced Funasshi) is anything but. It speaks; it's erratic, abrasive, uncanny, and well loved.

    The best part? It never had any backing from Chiba prefecture's Funabashi city government to be a mascot, so was doing promotional work *just because* #ThatFreelanceLife

    1. Funassyi is a 1,876 year old pear fairy--a rare creature appearing once every 2000 years.


    Though the human world was first introduced to Funassyi in November 2011, it was born in 138 AD (Coincidentally, the same year that Hadrian died. I’m not suggesting a Japanese-mascot-Roman-emperor-reincarnation-theory, but no one’s ever seen them together. And we all know Japanese-Roman culture has a history of absurd connections.)

    2. Funassyi's moves are no joke.

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    Funassyi's theme song encourages people to find their own path no matter how many times they fall (pretty fitting for a rogue mascot that fought its way to the top.) / Via

    Funassyi narrowly escapes becoming pear compote. An ending we all desperately try to run from. / Via

    So very worldy.

    3. Funyassi eats and drinks through a special "illusion." / Via

    Stay hydrated. Stay juicy. / Via

    Once you master smize-ing, you can engage in vocal communication through your eyes, also known as interviewing.

    Yup, definitely no one in there.

    4. Funassyi is doing the most. / Via

    From key chains, plushies, stationary, and candy... / Via

    ...and cup noodles / Via

    ...and even bath bombs.


    You can catch Funyassi on the news and in the movies.

    Did you know Funyassi is in the Japanese release of your favorite movie Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters? / Via

    Half of the characters in this whole screenshot is voiced by ~yours truly~ (hint: another Roman connection, it's the caduceus.)

    5. Do Funassyi got a booty? / Via Twitter: @funyassi

    IT DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Funassyi's fairy mission is to cheer up Japan with enthusiasm and energy.

    As its appearances turn global, may Funassyi christen you with some of its holy pear juice.

    All in a day's work for Japan's top pear.

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