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Sidewalk Etiquette: Learn How To Walk, Would Ya?

Walking the streets of my city, I've crossed paths with individuals who clearly don't understand how to share the sidewalk. For that reason, I've compiled a list of instructions on sidewalk etiquette. Learn to walk, people.

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Control those kids


Yes, it's cute. Yes, they're just learning to walk. However -- little kids are unpredictable and could change direction without notice (and walk into someone passing by) OR they just stop walking and stare. Neither outcome is ideal - so corral those kids to the side, would ya?

Give way to fast walkers


Nothing is worse than being stuck behind a slow walker. And to all the slow walkers out there - don't stress yourself out by trying to stay ahead and picking up the pace, just let the fast walkers pass.

Pick a side and stick with (the right side, that is)

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Think of yourself as a car and stay in your lane! Nothing is more awkward than doing that "which way are you going" shuffle when you almost walk into someone.

For those walking in groups; stop blocking the sidewalk


Just because 3 of you can fit walking side-by-side doesn't mean you should. But - if for whatever reason you feel the need to remain in ultra-close proximity to your squad - look over your shoulder every once in a while to make sure you're not blocking the way.

Look out for cars, they'll get you


This should be obvious - but many of you walkers simply aren't paying enough attention to those big objects moving quickly past you. Yes, you have the right of way - but unfortunately not ever driver will give it to you (just like there are bad walkers - there are bad drivers). So look up, would ya? Because whether you're in the right or in the wrong, the car will always win - it's science. That's right, I said science.

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