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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Make You Want To Show Off Your Backyard To All Of Your Guests

    There's still plenty of time to make your backyard BBQ ready.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A hanging egg chair that'll be your new favorite seat this season. Once you curl up in this thing under the warm sun, you'll never want to leave.

    Dark gray chair with blue cushion

    2. A lightweight solar-powered outdoor lantern to set the mood in your backyard for those warm nights of good conversation and many glasses of wine.

    3. A pair of outdoor privacy screens, because sometimes you have to keep some ugly stuff in your yard — like air conditioners and trash cans. Give them a brand-new, clean look with these charming screens.

    4. An outdoor side table so you can keep your phone and wallet safe when jumping in the pool. Plus it'll instantly ~glow up~ your yard with that bright yellow color.

    Yellow side table

    5. A beach hangout birdhouse that will attract some new avian friends to your outdoor space. With this majorly chill design, the birds will feel just like you do while you lounge under the sun with a margarita in hand.

    beach hangout birdhouse

    6. A portable disc golf catcher to bring one of the most fun outdoor games in the world to your backyard. Become the Frisbee champ and dominate the next time you're on the actual course.

    Blue portable disc golf catcher

    7. A six-piece outdoor patio set because why not eat every single meal outside when the weather is simply so nice?

    The patio set in red

    8. A wide hammock for giving your patio that straight-up island feel. You can hang it on a free-standing frame or between two trees — either way, it's gonna be oh-so comfy.

    Red quilted hammock

    9. A metal bench that will look delightful on your patio and last forever. Spruce it up with some vibrant cushions or leave it as is to give yourself some firm support.

    The bench

    10. An LED path light to keep your backyard well-lit after spending your evening enjoying the night sky. These babies are solar-powered, too, and last all night after eight hours of sun exposure.

    the lamps on a path

    11. A hard-top gazebo with netting for some extra shade in your backyard. Sometimes we want the sun around us, but not on top of us. This gazebo takes care of that with ease. Plus the net enclosures make sure pesky bugs don't ruin your afternoon hang.

    The gazebo

    12. An outdoor cornhole set because outdoor recreation is better for your health than sitting in front of the TV all dang day (that's a direct call out of myself). Soon your backyard will be the spot for some healthy competition among friends.

    People playing corn hole

    13. A durable, rustic planter for creating the perfect space for even more beautiful flowers in your backyard. Plus the wooden finish gives them a classy home.

    Wood barrel planter

    14. An indoor/outdoor rug that will add even more tropical flavor to your slice of paradise with its bright green color and palm pattern.

    The rug

    15. A resin deck box providing tons of outdoor storage for sports equipment, pool toys, gardening tools, and whatever else you have cluttering your space. Whether you're fixing for a day of fun or fixing for a day of fixing, this box has you covered.

    The storage box in the color natural

    16. A raised garden bed to put your fresh flowers on display like they deserve to be. Who knew you could start a side hustle as a florist? 🌻

    the natural wood garden bed with flowers in it on a lawn

    17. A wooden porch swing because there is nothing more relaxing that a gentle swing on a summer evening. Observe your kingdom from this bench as the sun sets on another lovely day.

    A light wooden-color porch swing with black metal handles and metal chains

    18. A fire pit table that uses gas so you can simply turn it on whenever you need to warm up or want to toast some 'mallows. Building a fire is cool, but we live in the 21st century — technology has our back.

    Brown fire pit

    19. A portable basketball hoop you can adjust in height and position for players of all levels. Buying this is the first step to winning an NBA championship. Hop to it.

    models playing with the hoop in a driveway

    20. A rain chain to add that natural, serene charm to your porch, patio, or garden. Let the rain be your soundtrack throughout the year.

    the copper rain chain hanging from a gutter

    21. A rustic two-tier water fountain with a working pump that will both transport you back in time to the Wild West and provide the soothing ambience of running water.

    The Gymax 2 Tier Barrel Waterfall Fountain in a garden

    22. A vegetable growing kit because it's time to start making your own salads and juices from scratch. Your backyard will become your own private farm.

    the growing kit in the box next to a tray of sprouted vegetables

    23. A Bluetooth rock speaker to fill your yard with music without sacrificing the natural landscape. Plus it's a fun game to see if people can find where the music is coming from.

    A speaker hidden/shaped like a large rock

    24. A wooden swing set so your kids can play for hours and hours while you simply lounge. Honestly, they may never want to come inside again.

    Swing set

    25. A wooden display that will make your outside flowers and plants look even better than they already did. The different shelf levels make it easy to have fun with the arrangement as well.

    The Costway Outdoor Wooden Flower Plant Stand with flower pots on every of its six shelves

    26. A string of globe bistro lights for providing enough light to keep the party going and enough ambience for it to be the most chill party of all time.

    a close up of the globe lights

    27. A jumbo four-in-a-row game meant to make you feel like a giant... but in a cool way. The large size also helps you play better because bigger pieces mean it's easier to see those sneaky diagonal lines.

    a family playing the connect four game on a beach

    28. An 8-foot trampoline creating some high-flying fun all summer long. Plus it comes with a safety enclosure, so no need to worry about disastrous falls.

    kid jumping on the trampoline with safety net

    29. A large smoker and grill that can handle everything on the barbecue menu — thing: burgers, dogs, tri-tip, and ribs. Is your mouth watering yet? 🤤

    a model using the grill to cook pancakes, eggs and sausages

    30. Or a portable charcoal grill so you can take your grill skills beyond your own backyard and into your friends' backyards. This little baby will be the teaser — soon everyone will be coming back to your place to see your full grill in action.

    Two models stand in a backyard in front of a table with the Cuisinart 14" Portable Charcoal Grill

    31. An outdoor prep table because most grills don't come with a built-in trash holder or their own counter space. Time to make your own space for your own feasts. Let's gooooo.

    the prep table outside with drinks and food on it

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