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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Help You Put Procrastination To An End

    Time to break out that vacuum that may be collecting dust itself.

    1. A lift-top coffee table that's a total game changer. Not only can you store items under the top, but you can use it as a workstation when it's raised, too. From chillin' to working in half a second — now what other coffee table can do that?

    The brown lift-top coffee table

    2. A Mr. Coffee iced tea and coffee maker that will have your favorite go-getter morning beverage ready in a jiffy. Now go and get stuff done!

    the ice tea and coffee maker

    3. An Instant Pot that cooks even the fanciest gourmet meals with the quickness. Now, instead of putting off cooking dinner every night after an exhausting day of work to the point where you end up just ordering DoorDash, you can cook while you work! Imagine all the time and money you'll save and all the deliciousness you'll still enjoy.

    Instapot sits behind a main course of slow-roasted beef with veggies and sides of sautéed mushrooms and broccoli, and fluffy jasmine rice

    4. A Hoover Pro pet carpet cleaner because you're tired of looking at those weird stains in your carpet that you keep meaning to clean. With this guy and a little elbow grease, your rugs, carpet and upholstery will be good as new. (Don't worry, elbow grease can't stain your floor.)

    Model using grey and green vacuum in living room

    5. A productivity planner because it's so much easier to know what needs to get done when you write it down. And this isn't just your standard planner — it lets you stay on top of daily and weekly priorities, errands, appointments, reminders, and notes while helping you plan (and achieve) your goals. That little extra bit of accountability will make all the difference.

    6. And a pack of colorful gel pens to further organize your planner. It can be hard to remember all your to-dos and easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. Get creative and color-code your planning — checking things off the to-do list will be a cinch. ✅

    Someone taking notes in different colors with the gel pens

    7. A basketball hoop for your yard or driveway because you were inspired to start training after watching The Last Dance. Now you have no excuse to put off getting outside and exercising. It's time to give Jordan a run for his money.

    models playing with the hoop in a driveway

    8. A pair of Bose noise-cancelling headphones that will tune out all unnecessary distractions. Whether you're listening to your favorite tunes, a motivational podcast, or binaural beats, you can choose what will keep you focused to crush your day-to-day, every day.

    Model wearing the black over-ear headphones and pulling coat up. text on image reads "tune out unwanted sound with iconic noise-cancelling technology"

    9. A desk organizer set because you factually get more work done if your desk is organized. At the very least, you won't use a "messy desk" as an excuse to procrastinate anymore.

    the gold organizer on a desk

    10. A pair of blue-light-filtering glasses because headaches from staring at the computer can really slow you down. These will keep your eyes feeling fine for when you need to crush that work (these may even become your new favorite accessory as well).

    a model wearing the glasses in black

    11. A cushy office massage chair that will keep you comfortable as you tackle that deadline. A strained back in the middle of a work session is sure to stop you in your tracks. This chair is not only ergonomic, it has a built-in vibrating massage function! You can literally get massaged while you work — now there is no excuse to procrastinate.

    black swivel gaming chair

    12. A rolling storage cart with 15 drawers because organization = productivity. With so many organizational options you can find the exact method that works for you. Keep essays, textbooks, paperwork, files, arts/crafts supplies, or whatever stuff is cluttering your space, easily accessible. Whatever works for you, you can make it happen.

    the organization cart with books and papers in it

    13. A treadmill that will fit right under your desk and can easily be stored under your bed or couch. Now you can end procrastination in two areas of your life: work *and* exercise. You're going to be healthier (and hopefully wealthier) with this genius invention.

    thin treadmill compatible with desktop

    14. Or a foldable under-the-desk cycle for an alternative to the treadmill that is yet another way to get some exercise while you're finishing up work at home. Multitasking is the future, and now you'll be leading the charge.

    Two feet in the desk cycle

    15. A large L-shaped desk because the more room you have on your desk, the more room you have to work. You don't realize how much extra space will impact your efficiency until you have it. So go get it from Walmart.

    large gold and brown L-shaped desk with a blue chair in front of it

    16. A rolling laptop cart so you can take your work with you wherever you want to go. One strategy might be leaving the desk by the TV, so in case you're about to start yet another binge session of The Boys instead of working, your laptop will stare you down with guilt until you get started.

    Two rolling laptop carts in wood grain finish with laptops, books, and other items on them.

    17. A desk lamp that is perfect for all those night owls. There is no right time to get your work done except the time that's right for you. If you prefer being up late, make the most of it!

    The desk lamp on a desk with assorted items beside it.

    18. A meal planning pad to save time that's typically wasted on deciding what to eat every day. This allows you to lay out all your meals on Sunday *and* put together a shopping list, making it one less thing for you to procrastinate during the work week. Integrating meals into your to-do list will make the whole to-do list disappear that much more quickly.

    19. A Wi-Fi-controlled Roomba vacuum because procrastinating about cleaning leads to procrastinating about everything else. Let the robot take care of the cleaning so you can finally get to work.

    the black roomba vacuuming popcorn off hardwood floors

    20. A laundry sorter that takes half the work out of doing laundry before it's even time to wash it. There's no reason not to cross it off your to-do list now.

    21. A dry-erase calendar board that will remind you of exactly what to do and when to do it. Accountability matters. Especially when you're like, you know, trying not to be lazy as heck.

    A dry erase calendar filled with events and to-dos

    22. A 30-minute productivity timer because a key to working productively for an extended period is taking breaks. It's on you not to let those breaks turn into naps, but buying this (half) hourglass is a start. It can also be used to divvy up tasks into timed intervals. This is great for people who prefer visual time-tracking versus setting a phone alarm, and what's more — it also doubles as decor!

    The timer on a desk

    23. A mini personal Magic Bullet that will have your daily smoothie ready in no time. Whether you're fueling up for a big workout or making a quick breakfast to get out the door, this convenient little machine will save you precious time and energy that you can put into NOT procrastinating that assignment that's due next week.

    the magic bullet mini with a purple smoothie inside

    24. A waterproof pedometer watch that will keep track of your steps without breaking the bank. Your phone already takes care of everything else for you — let your watch be your workout buddy that motivates you to get those steps in every day (instead of putting them off 'til next week).

    the purple pedometer watch being splashed in water

    25. Tasty Every Day, A BuzzFeed Tasty cookbook that is especially designed for quick and easy recipes. Everyone needs to eat, but it doesn't have take forever to do so. No more putting off cooking — just eat up and get back to work.

    The cover of the cookbook

    26. A set of pet grooming gloves because your pet doesn't deserve to suffer the heat with all that extra fur due to your procrastination. Put these on, pet your pooch, and get all that excess fluff off once and "fur" all.

    The two pet grooming gloves in black

    27. A Google Home that you can use to organize your entire day and life. No more checking the calendar or diverting your attention from your work when you need a quick answer to a question — just say "Hey Google" and get your answer. Eyes off the phone and on your work!

    the google home next to a smart phone

    28. A dedicated alarm clock because relying on your phone for everything is what amps procrastination to maximum levels. Routine is the key to eliminating laziness, and this puppy will get you up and at 'em at the same time everyday without being distracted by your phone the second you wake up.

    the black alarm clock on a nightstand

    29. A hanging door sign that will ensure you won't be distracted while you work from home. No more blaming anyone else for why your work isn't getting done. Time to take responsibility and reap the wonderful rewards of not procrastinating.

    The hanging doorknob sign reading "please do not disturb meeting in progress"

    30. A Wi-Fi range extender so you can work from anywhere in your home. We get that sometimes you're not feeling your WFH office and sometimes it's such a nice day you want to bring your laptop outside on your patio. Don't let the productivity be limited to any one room!

    the range extender plugged into an outlet

    31. A Bluetooth sleep headband that has built-in speakers, finally solving the age-old problem of how to sleep comfortably with headphones. Because the key to a productive day is a good night's sleep the night before, this headband will help with both.

    Model sleeping on pillow with the headband over eyes. caption bubble reads "3 in 1, sleep headphones, bluetooth eye mask and bluetooth sports headband

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