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    31 Things From Target That’ll Help You Create A More Official Home Office

    Make working from home a fully professional experience.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A lap desk because working from home means your office is any room in the house. The cushion on the bottom means your lap stays comfy and cool.

    A side view of the lap desk that shows the cushion on the bottom

    2. A wooden writing desk with open storage on the sides. This compact piece makes getting to work super simple. Keep all the materials you need within arm's reach so you can stay in the flow.

    Writing desk with assorted items on it in an office

    3. A park stand with two drawers and two shelves, because this offers multi-tiered storage in one convenient, wood-finished package to make organization simpler than ever!

    The park stand with assorted items on it in an office

    4. A golden desktop set to give your office some well deserved regality.

    The gold desktop set

    5. An all-in-one desk, because this is basically an office all on its own! Even if you don't have a spare room, this piece can make any corner super professional.

    6. A mesh file cart to see what you're looking for before you grab it.

    The mesh cart with assorted items inside

    7. A golden pencil cup because you are the ruler in your office, and you deserve to store your pencils and pens in gold (even if it's fake gold).

    The golden pencil cup

    8. A decorative hourglass with black grains of sand. It almost looks like it belongs in a fairy tale. Total time is about 15 minutes. Think of all you can do in 15 minutes.

    the hourglass with black sand, gold turner, and marble pedestal

    9. A gaming chair with a built-in footrest for maximum comfort. Working from home is more fun in a gaming chair. You'll feel like the captain of a spaceship.

    The gaming chair

    10. A writing desk with an exquisite modern design to channel your creativity before you get to writing, drawing, or whatever form of creativity suits you.

    The writing desk with assorted items on top in an office

    11. A wooden letter tray to keep your papers from getting everywhere on your desk. The trays also stack very easily if you want to buy two or three.

    The letter tray with multiple papers and a pair of scissors inside. The tray is on a desk with assorted items around it.

    12. A banker's chair to make any home office oh-so-polished. This wooden piece looks likes it's pulled out of a classic film.

    The banker's chair in front of a desk in an office

    13. Bicycle bookends that will give your DIY library some old-timey flair. (They will also remind you to take breaks from work and get some sunshine.)

    The bicycle bookends

    14. A velvet office chair because sitting on a cloud makes working from home much more manageable. No it's not an actual cloud, but velvet is the closest thing right?

    The velvet office chair

    15. A bookshelf computer desk with so much built-in storage! All that space is perfect for decoration or practicality!

    The bookshelf desk with a computer, books, and other items on it

    16. A mesh desk organizer for keeping everything you need in one place. No more losing small items. They will live here from now on, and you can arrange the compartments however you like!

    The organizer with assorted items inside

    17. A faux fig plant for removing the hassle from having plants in your office. This baby looks so real you'll forget it's fake. You may even try to water it once or twice.

    The faux plant in a vase on a stand

    18. A golden desk calendar to take at least one function off the screen. Let's bring the date back to analog, plus flipping the numbers for the dates is fun.

    The desk calendar with gold borders and drop-down month and day tabs

    19. A cork bulletin board that is super easy to hang. This technology hasn't changed in decades because it gets the job done like no other. Keep your desk clear of reminders, family photos, and important documents with ease.

    The bulletin board with assorted items on it in an office

    20. A deluxe posture chair that brightens up the room with its pastel shades! Bring some extra fun to your home office. You'll want to swivel all over the place in this fun chair.

    The posture chair

    21. A small glass desk because size doesn't matter. It's not the size of the desk, it's the quality of the work and you're going to crush it sitting at this bad boy.

    The glass desk with assorted items on top in an office

    22. A hanging wall file holder with three pockets. The more files on the wall, the less on your desk, and the rustic finish makes this piece very decorative!

    The wall file folder hanging in an office

    23. A monitor stand with storage space on each side for pens, pencils, or any small assorted items. Keep the monitor from marking up your desk and get a better angle on the screen.

    The monitor stand with a computer on top of it

    24. An aurora wave pencil cup to bring some psychedelic flavor to your office.

    The aurora wave pencil cup

    25. A multi-pocketed pencil desk organizer for ultimate tidiness, and to also remind you that Friday will be here soon. No need to say that other F word.

    The desk organizer with assorted items inside

    26. An L-shaped desk that can fit in any room, provide tons of desk space, and allow for supreme mobility when you're sitting at it. What other letter shape can do that?

    The desk with assorted items on top of it in an office

    27. A mesh monitor stand with a drawer that looks super sleek! Keep the futuristic design going while the drawer adds that extra bit of storage.

    The monitor stand with a monitor on top and items inside the drawer

    28. An activity tray that works with books, a laptop, or anything else you need an angle on. With this light, portable model you can take your office anywhere.

    The activity tray on a kitchen counter with a few items around it

    29. A laptop cooling pad to keep your computer happy and healthy. Overheating is one of the main causes of computer malfunction. With this pad that issue is obsolete.

    The laptop cooling pad

    30. A desk lamp that you can adjust in three places to create the perfect lighting for your office. Plus it almost looks like the Pixar lamp. So cute.

    The lamp next to some items on a desk

    31. A desk lamp with USB ports to charge your phone in style. The design almost makes it look like a crystal ball. We see a well lit office and fully charged electronics in your future.

    The desk lamp next to some assorted items

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