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    20 Things From Target For Anyone Trying To Make Their Home Neater

    Like Yoda said, "Try not, do." With these products, you won't have to try to make your home neater. You *will* make your home neater.

    1. A double-sided rolling shoe rack for the ultimate storage connoisseurs out there. This baby holds up to 30 pairs of shoes, plus the wheels let you flaunt your entire collection anywhere in the house with ease.

    The shoe rack with a few pairs of shoes on it

    2. A mid-century-style coffee table to give your living room a high-end feel at a reasonable price. The open design makes storing and retrieving remotes a cinch — and if you're all set on a coffee table, then this can also be used as a chic TV stand!

    the coffee table in a living room

    3. A two-tier organizer with built-in dividers that will make short work of any disheveled area. Spaces for labeling on the bins and the dividers allow for storage precision.

    The two-tier organizer placed in a cabinet with assorted items inside

    4. A six-cube organizer shelf to allow total versatility in storage. Each cube has so much space that you can fit practically anything in them — not even counting on top!

    The six-cube organizer with assorted items inside next to the bed

    5. A fabric cube storage bin that combines space-saving and decoration at an affordable price. They're so inexpensive that you might as well use these for all your compact storage needs around the house. With all the different colors available, you can tap into your true creative genius with placement.

    Storage cube with assorted items inside

    6. A six-shelf hanging closet organizer to keep hats, shoes, accessories, or folded clothes stored right on your hanging rod. Ultimate outfit coordination alert! You could use the compartments to set up the whole week's looks, right before your eyes.

    7. A double storage ottoman – it'll blend right in to any living room. It stores everything in plain sight and looks great while doing it.

    The storage ottoman in a living room

    8. A Roomba vacuum, because this robot cleaner will find places in your house you didn't even know needed to be cleaned. Think: under living room furniture and the corners of your bedroom.

    the Roomba shown vacuuming cereal

    9. A cordless, handheld vacuum for sucking up dust from areas a normal vacuum can't reach — like countertops, shelves, car seats, and sofas.

    The vacuum being used on car seats

    10. A feline hair remover tool to clean up after your kitty. The roller picks up hair from furniture and other surfaces, without ever needing a refill. It's almost like you don't even have a cat, except for the adorable little friend curled up at the foot of your bed.

    An orange and white cat wearing a blue bowtie next to the white hair removal tool

    11. A brand new broom and dustpan, because it's perhaps the simplest and most effective tool to get rid of filth. There's a reason this technology hasn't evolved in hundreds of years — because it works.

    a red broom and dustpan on a hardwood floor

    12. A textured cloth that's perfect for glasses, TV screens, and anything that isn't suited to be soaked in Windex. Dust is sneaky on your TV and laptop screen, it builds up evenly and subtly. The massive 4K images make it seem like it isn't there, but it is, and we all know it. Now, it doesn't have to be.

    the cloth in its packaging

    13. A six-piece variety pack of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, because Mr. Clean lives up to his name and reputation with these. This pack includes the bathroom, kitchen, and extra-durable versions, so no matter the mess, Mr. Clean is on the job.

    The Magic Eraser

    14. A tub of disinfecting wipes since there's no substitute for a classic. These wipes have always been filth's worst enemy, and that remains true today.

    tub of lemon-scented disinfecting wipes

    15. A classic Swiffer kit because sometimes, name brands are the way to go. This kit has both dry and wet clothes for picking up various different messes with the kind of flexibility that built the Swiffer name.

    a model using the Swiffer to wipe the floor while standing by a dog

    16. A mesh cart so you can see what you're looking for before you grab it. This can be used for more than just office supplies. Use it to store your ever-growing collection of beauty products that have outgrown your medicine cabinet or to store pantry overflow in your kitchen.

    The mesh cart with assorted items inside

    17. A pair of drawer dividers, because even though your socks and underwear are clean, a disorganized drawer gives off strong filth vibes. Keep everything organized and tidy with these dividers.

    a drawer divided into three compartments with underwear and socks inside

    18. A soft zip-up storage chest that slides under the bed, which is one of the most convenient and underutilized storage spots in the house. You just gotta protect your stuff from the dust that accumulates down there, which this bad boy will do with style and convenience.

    The underbed storage container with assorted items inside

    19. A blue recycle bin, because being environmentally conscious is cool (and saving space by removing all those La Croix cans from the regular trash is even cooler).

    The recycle bin with some trash in it

    20. And a three-in-one hamper with labels for each type of laundry to save you time while also expanding your hamper space (and save your "whites" from accidentally becoming "pinks").

    The three-in-one hamper

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