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    25 Things From Lowe’s That Reviewers Already Think Are Worth The Investment

    Crowdsourcing doesn't lie.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A sleek, matching bathtub, shower, and handle set to transform the most utilitarian room in the house into the coolest dang washroom on the block. Even cooler than the freezer (lol, get it?).

    The shower set in the color Matte Black

    2. A smoker because for people who live in warmer climates, the outdoor barbecues never stop. You are the ultimate pitmaster — smoking is a fine art, and with this, you will be a fine artist.

    person using the smoker

    3. A sleek kitchen island to add more counter space, more storage space, more prep space, and a fancy new piece to your kitchen.

    A white wood two-tier kitchen island with a cutting board counter top and one drawer

    4. A faux leather accent chair that is as cozy as an armchair and as regal as a throne fit for a royal ruler. Since it's your house, you're the royal ruler — and you deserve it all.

    The chair in gray

    5. A beverage cooler that has room for 140 cans! Whether your libation of choice is beer or La Croix, there will be enough space in here for all the indoor celebrations happening over the holidays.

    The cooler

    6. A memory foam mattress that will perfectly conform to your body. No need to try the whole "glass of wine on the mattress" trick, just trust the reviews.

    the memory foam mattress

    7. A French-door refrigerator that will hold all the food you'll ever need — and also all your (kitchen-related) hopes and dreams.

    8. A Roomba vacuum that will pick up all the dust, crumbs, fur, dander, and hair like a champ. This is an investment that keeps on giving because a laborious house chore than can be delegated to a robot is priceless.

    9. An indoor grill to get outdoor barbecue-quality food even when it's too cold to go outside. With this thing, you can keep grilling up your famous burgers and dogs all season long!

    the indoor grill with food on it

    10. A rustic single-sink vanity that will give your bathroom an A-list makeover as you give yourself an A-list makeover.

    The vanity in white

    11. A food dehydrator that can turn fresh fruit into an anytime snack or fresh meat into jerky with just the touch of a button. Normally you'd have to go to the store to buy these kinds of snacks — save yourself that trip forever with this purchase!

    The food dehydrator with food inside

    12. A plush sofa that will be your new home on the those lazy Sunday afternoons. It's so comfy you may not even need your bed anymore.

    A grey upholstered sofa with square arms and wooden legs

    13. A wood-burning fire pit because even though summer is over, you can still enjoy your outdoor space by gathering around this pit and roasting marshmallows. There's nothing more sublime than a real, cozy fire when the temperatures dip.

    steel fire pit on patio

    14. A bidet attachment because you deserve an elevated experience in the bathroom every day. Everyone has to use the bathroom, so why not make it that much more pleasant with this purchase?

    15. A six-piece steel garage storage system to make your garage go from messy to magical in one simple purchase. Most garages generally fit into one of two categories: A constant mess that's so scary no one goes in there or a tidy workshop where DIY projects come to life. This storage system will make yours the latter.

    the gray storage system

    16. A Ring spotlight camera providing 24/7 security straight to your phone. Whether you're at home or out and about, this bb is always watching and will let you know if something's up.

    ring spotlight outside door

    17. A keypad door lock because you can't lose a combination of numbers the way you lose your dang keys. Now, you just have to... remember the code.

    Silver keypad door lock and door knob

    18. A bathroom ventilation fan that sports a color-changing LED light and a Bluetooth speaker. With this bad boy, you can finally take your shower concerts to the next level.

    A bathroom ventilation fan

    19. A Google Nest carbon monoxide detector that speaks with a human voice instead of that loud annoying beeping. Plus, there are different levels of alarm depending on the volume of smoke, so no more thinking the house is going to explode because the kitchen got a bit smoky.

    20. An antique-style electric popcorn maker to make this simple snack the most fun thing ever. Cinema nights just got a whole lot better and soon everyone you know will want to come watch movies with you just for the popcorn.

    21. A memory foam body pillow that will provide your head, neck *and* body with the comfort they deserve. Use it as your spooning partner, under your knees for back support, or just as a very long pillow. However you decide to use it, you'll no doubt be catching some serious Zzzzs.

    22. A modern area rug that will bring some oceanic feels to your living room, dining room or home office. It may be too cold for a beach day, but this enthralling mix of grays and blues will ~tide~ you over (pun fully intended) until things warm up again.

    The modern area rug on the floor in a living room

    23. A mid-century TV stand that will match the fanciness of your TV. You invested so much money into getting the best TV possible that it deserves to be on the best looking credenza in the game.

    The brown wooden TV stand

    24. A large air fryer to double the amount of delicious magic happening in the kitchen. Seriously, the whole "fry my favorite crispy foods without the greasy oil" might be one of the greatest advances in human history.

    the air fryer

    25. A cushioned hanging rattan egg chair to change up your lounging game, indoors or on a porch (if you should you be so lucky as to have access to your own outdoor space). The hammock-style chair hangs from its own base, so don't worry — you won't have to panic-watch any YouTube videos about how to drill into ceilings.

    the egg-shaped rattan outdoor chair

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.