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    If You Don't Have These 25 Organizing Products From Lowe’s In Your Life, You're Missing Out

    The worst kind of FOMO is that of a truly organized home.

    1. A sleek kitchen island to add more counter space, more storage space, more prep space, and a fancy new piece to your kitchen.

    A white wood two-tier kitchen island with a cutting board counter top and one drawer

    2. An expandable silverware insert because the real organization happens beneath the surface. The whole "if no one sees it no one cares thing" doesn't apply to drawers filled with sharp objects like forks and knives.

    the silverware organizer in a draw in a kitchen

    3. A set of six reusable food containers that will turn your fridge into a Tetris-level organizational monument. Whether you're stacking, sliding, or arranging, there's always room for your food in these.

    The food containers with food inside them on a kitchen counter

    4. A bamboo organizer for your roomie who always crushes the makeup game. Unfortunately, they need some help with the organization game, but that's why you're here.

    The organizer in a bathroom with make up in it

    5. A six-piece steel garage storage system to make your garage go from messy to magical in one simple purchase. Most garages generally fit into one of two categories: A constant mess that's so scary no one goes in there or a tidy workshop where DIY projects come to life. This storage system will make yours the latter.

    the gray storage system

    6. A two-tier shoe rack because your collection can't be contained to just a spot on the floor, and it definitely can't be contained all over the house anymore.

    The shoe rack with some shoes on it

    7. An eight-tier door organizer that can hold all the snacks your heart desires. Unstocked pantry? Cluttered pantry? Never heard of 'em.

    the pantry organizer hanging on wall

    8. A handy toy chest and bench with enough space to fit all your kid's (or dog's) favorite toys. Their dreams will live inside this box, along with your dream of not having a room riddled with toys on the floor.

    A white toy box with a bench atop and handles on the side

    9. A shelf-ladder bookshelf for making your home look like a freshly sorted library and getting all those little trinkets out of the random places they've been sitting for months.

    The white five-tier shelf holding various objects

    10. A rustic single-sink vanity that will give your bathroom an A-list makeover as you give yourself an A-list makeover.

    The vanity in white

    11. A three-piece set of vintage-style decorative trunks because organizing your home is pointless if the containers you're using to organize still look messy. Time to get something that looks classy and unique.

    the trunks stacked

    12. An aesthetic wall-mounted cabinet with mirrored doors that takes the idea of a utilitarian medicine cabinet to the next level. Plus, it has three extra storage cubbies underneath (!!!) — why would anyone want a standard medicine cabinet knowing this baby exists?

    the gray mirrored medicine cabinet with baskets in the cubbies

    13. A metal laundry cart that comes with two sections to separate laundry by darks and lights or to just give you double space to hold more clothes if your laundry system is less separate by colors and more wait until the basket is overflowing.

    14. A double-handled woven basket to add some country flavor to your home organization repertoire.

    15. A storage drawer cart because sometimes the solution to organizing all the things you own is another thing.

    The storage container with items inside and on top

    16. A five-tier steel utility shelving unit — it'll give you all the extra space you need in the kitchen while you expand your skills to Michelin-Star levels.

    the metal shelf with kitchen equipment on it

    17. A white hall tree that'll make the best (and most organized) first impression for guests when they see a neat and tidy entryway upon arrival.

    the white coat tree with shoes and jackets

    18. A wooden closet kit here to take your closet from mess to magic in one simple purchase. It's the organization accessory you need inside the thing that holds all your ~stuff~.

    a white wooden closet kit hanging clothes and accessories

    19. A six-piece decorative wall hook because hooks do the most organization with the least amount of wall space. The ratio of surface area to surfaces seen is astounding.

    a bark and satin nickel  wall hook hanging a hat, purse, and jacket

    20. A vintage-inspired, farmhouse-style sideboard that'll turn a closet-less hallway into a storage paradise.

    the wooden sideboard in rustic dark blue

    21. A resin storage shed for all my peeps who have been HAMMERED with rain this year. Sure we need it, but the stuff you usually keep outside in the open needs some shelter.

    a resin colored storage shed near the back patio

    22. A shower caddy because there is nothing more annoying than searching for shampoo when you're already in the shower. Keep it all in one place instead.

    a satin nickle shower caddy hanging around a shower head

    23. A storage trunk you can also use as an ottoman, a foot rest, a coffee table, or an accent piece. Stuff can be two things, ya dig?

    an espresso brown composite wood storage trunk with pillows and a blanket inside

    24. A vertical bike hook to bring some Seinfeldian charm (and Seinfeldian organization) to your home.

    25. And a wall-mount utility storage cabinet because isn't the real cornerstone of organization just getting stuff off the floor? This is here to help with that.

    a wall-mount utility storage cabinet

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