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  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xQnMMnFTYYw

    May 6th, 2013. - Cedric Dumont and Jhonathan Florez marked a milestone in the world history by being the first athletes to fly over Nazca lines wearing only a wingsuit. Both athletes jumped from a plane at 2,700 high, flying over the immensity of the Nazca desert for more than two minutes, reaching speeds of 190 kilometers per hour. Definitively a more than a privilege view of these famous geoglyphs, recognized worldwide by UNESCO as World Heritage.

  • Urban Side - Paragliding

    Amazing paragliding video showing paragliders flying through an urban environment practically touching buildings. Superb skills, great filming and editing. For more videos like this head over to ThreeSixFive.

  • Lamborghini Aventador

    Our latest car porn introduces Lamborghini’s new super sports car Aventador with its 700 HP bull power - powerful and classy just like his namesake, Spanish bull legend Aventador - relentlessly fighting the forces of nature in a 3-minute special effect thunderstorm, shot in the Californian desert Coyote Dry Lakebed and directed by Ole Peters. For more videos like this check out threesixfive.tv

  • Jump4Heroes Making Dreams Come True - Santa’s Christmas Skydive

    Jump4Heroes, The Royal British Legion Extreme Human Flight Display Team, brought Christmas joy to the children of 29 Regiment at Duke of Gloucester Barracks near Cirencester. Making their dreams come true the team skydived into the frosty Barracks as Santa and his elves to had out presents, kindly supplied by Vivid Imaginations, to children of those that are deployed on operations. The team were keen to give something back and support the families of those deployed in Afghanistan. Wearing their Infinity Containers and jumping Performance Designs Competition Velocity canopies the team battled the 30 knot winds to swoop in to a safe landing in front of the kids. This was definitely extreme Santa doing what he does best. This was a truly humbling and amazing experience. The beaming smiles and joyful faces that all the kids had just made it so worthwhile.

  • Extreme Unicycling 2010 Lutz Eichholz

    More Infos about me: lutzeichholz.de/ The last jump in the video is the highest unicycle drop ever landet. Filmed in Germany, Israel and Morocco (Erg Chebbi, painted rocks). You can watch more unicycling in morocco here: vimeo.com/25232322 (painted rocks) vimeo.com/25305481 (sahara / Erg Chebbi) thanks to my sponsors: Adidas Outdoor, Kris Holm Unicycles and AJATA Unicycle Store.

  • Mark Watson Takes On the Morning Glory Cloud

    Extreme sports photographer and Nikon Ambassador Mark Watson tells of the photographic adventure of a lifetime - capturing the spectacular Morning Glory cloud. Using a Nikon D300S + 10.5mm fisheye lens attached to the hang glider he provides an incredible angle of the mysterious formation. In an amazing feat, world record holding, Red Bull hang-glider Jonny Durand, has become the first man ever to perform aerobatics on the cloud above the remote wilderness of the Gulf Of Carpentaria. See more @ My Nikon Life: http://mynikonlife.com.au

  • Pogo GoPro

    It’s quite simple attach a GoPro camera to a pogo stick and do some crazy stunts, then you end up with this!

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