Thank you for the magic, J.K. Rowling.

Nikki Francois • 16 hours ago

"It’s not our abilities that make us who we are, Harry. It’s our choices."

TheThreeWizards • 2 days ago

We see a puppy in your future.

mazlinm • 4 days ago

Create your fantastic feast!

mindywang • 5 days ago

Who will be your Hogwarts companion?

alejandrabcruz • 5 days ago

Shawn Mendes is Gryffindor, no question.

HermioneMellark • One month ago

Title says it all.

The Book Feminist • 12 days ago

Oh my god???

Nikki Francois • 15 days ago

You're a wizard, whatever your name is.

DianaPrince23 • One month ago

Whoever you get? I am so, so sorry.

TeenageCrazyCatLady • One month ago

We're always right!

katbeylerian • 2 months ago

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

AlexandriaMarie21 • 3 months ago

Harry Potter and the Order of the Burrito Bowl.

rlev10 • 21 days ago

Is Dobby a brave Gryffindor or a loyal Hufflepuff?

Erin Moynihan • One month ago

Hogwarts, but make it fashion!

savanajames • 28 days ago

The one true test.

jenstagram • One month ago

Who will it be?

hazzapotter • One month ago

Where will you end up?

Oneaestheticgirl • One month ago

Hint: something from the book series.

Arielle Calderon • 27 days ago

I solemnly swear that Harry made some bad life decisions.

Nora Dominick • One month ago