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    • harryp2 thinks "" is LOL  about 4 years ago
    • harryp2

      If anything, this article proves that Conservative/Reform “modifications” to the laws of keeping kosher make things utterly ridiculous and nonsensical.  Case in point: My wife makes plenty of delicious cakes and desserts that contain no dairy whatsoever. In addition, it is most obvious that going toanon-kosher restaurant and attempting to eat kosher cuisine is going to be near-impossible due to the combination of the staff’s lack of education about kashrut as well as the myriad of issues related toanon-kosher restaurant to begin with (as many of commented). Just go toaKOSHER restaurant, assuming there are any where you live, and problem solved.  Plus, buryingadish for8years in the ground? Where does that stringency come from, and it definitely does not jive with the other practices advocated or discussed here whatsoever. WhileIcan admire the author’s attempt to adhere to her self-defined level of kashrut,Ithink she’s making mountains out of molehills and creating her own issues/conflicts where none really exist in the more traditionally observant community. Aside from the increased cost of most “heimish” brands of food items, and the wait period between meat and dairy-unless the dairy is aged cheese, the wait time for meat after dairy is quite minimal-and having2sets of dishes, keeping kosher in America, especially in large cities with significant Jewish populations-is not incredibly difficult.

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