Harry Potter
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    • Harry Potter

      Dear diary:  Working title: “The Drunken Hallows”
      Iam confused by the sequence of events:
      1)Iwas wandering the streets of Dublin, Ireland at4AM? -by myself?-in the stalker jacket and hat?-why?
      2) Dublin’s minor Gaelic Football team — saw me and invited me to their house party, of which has curious decorations and furnishings that look to haveastrangely feminine taste (e.g. nice drapes-look around)-what were they doing out at4AM?-looking for their pants?
      3) OK so, whatever happened, we get back to the house-in the last picture, the clock says 4:15 AM and it looks likeIhave shed my jacket and hat (strip poker maybe?) and look4sheets to the wind (drunk asaskunk)-in 15 minutes? Really? -I felt that comfortable withabunch of half-naked guys? -MaybeIthoughtIstill have the SAS bodyguards? -Maybe not? –Ido like to hang loosey goosey ya know This is where the drinking problem has gone before-lonely at4AM and the allure of Gaelic (maybe Gaylick?) Football team members andIam off chugging my sobriety down the pisser? Just hope they washed the cup out beforeIchugged on it.