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19 Reasons Olenna Tyrell Is Undeniably The Best Part Of "Game Of Thrones"

Long may she sass. (May contain spoilers)

1. She doesn't have time for anybody's shit...

2. ...not even her son's.

3. She can go toe-to-toe with just about anyone.


4. And some people she doesn't even give the chance.

5. Lady by name, lady by nature.


Sort of.

6. She asks all the right questions.

7. She reached out to a lonely and vulnerable Sansa in King's Landing.


Attempting to marry her off to Ser Loras and send her safely to Highgarden away from Littlefinger and the Lannisters.

8. She can be quite skeptical.

9. But overall, she's pretty open-minded.


10. She fights dirty.

11. But only to protect her family.

12. She keeps it blunt and simple.


13. Again with the excellent questions.

14. She trusts absolutely no one.

15. She is the fiercest person in all of Westeros.


16. She's full of wisdom.


17. She gives credit where credit is due.

18. She has a wonderful way with words.


All hail Lady Olenna, Queen of Cheese-I mean Thorns.


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