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    18 Reasons Audrey Horne Was The Best Part Of "Twin Peaks"

    The queen of manipulation. Bow down, bitches.

    1. Considering it was the early '90s, her eyebrow game was hella strong.

    2. She could sass with ease in any situation.

    3. She always seemed more clued-up about life than her friends.

    4. She always lived in the moment.

    5. And knew how to get what she wanted.

    6. She was upfront about her dysfunctional family.

    7. She wilfully played along with Dr. Jacoby's plan of reenacting the Civil War to help bring her father out of his mental breakdown.

    8. She seriously didn't take any shit.

    9. She knew every hideaway and peephole in the Great Northern Hotel.

    10. Seriously, she had no respect for people's privacy — but then again, you don't become HBIC by minding your own business.

    11. She was pretty talented.

    12. And could command attention simply by standing still.

    13. Even Billy Zane — I mean, John Justice Wheeler — was into her.

    14. She'd never speak ill of the dead.

    15. She could be impulsive and pretty mean.

    16. Which would get her into some pretty sticky situations.

    17. But deep down she was just like everybody else.

    18. Just don't get in her way, because...

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