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    • harrym9

      Well i watched it 3 times here in Australia 6 in the morning 4pm in 3d and 730pm ..
      So i gave it a chance and i wanted to like it but it was a mess !
      It was a Dalek story with very little Daleks shown or heard ! In fact the mirror actors no one would be interested had more air time ..
      The queen idea was crap and had no place in the 50th…Zygon messy plot was a waste for such a good remake for them.
      I can not believe this is all they could come up with..in 1963 the pilot was remade because they got it wrong …The 50th was a mistake poorly written worst dalek plot since colin bakers doctor i was thinking JNT must still be alive still even hes 20th anni was better than this..It was like a school boy did hes home work in a rush and didn’t care !

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