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15 Ways To Survive A Slasher Horror Film!

So many deaths could have been prevented!

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1. Never go anywhere alone

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The buddy system has never been so important!

2. Turn on the lights

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You don't have to walk around your house in total darkness!

3. Trust The Police

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Unlike you they have been trained to fight crime.

4. Keep It In Your Pants


Getting lucky pretty much puts you in a coffin.

5. Stay Clean And Sober

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Serial killers seem to really hate having a good time.

6. Never Say That You'll Be Right Back

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No one ever comes back.

7. Don't Pick Up Unknown Callers

ABC Family / Via

If it was anyone important they would have your number!

8. Always Make Sure The Killer Is Dead

Via Blogspot

Because first attempts never kill them for sure.

9. Don't Go In The Basement

That 70s Show / Via Tumblr

Nothing you want to see is down there.

10. Keep Knives Out Of Reach

Via Tumblr

Especially out of wooden blocks on counter tops.

11. Avoid Looking In Mirrors

FOX / Via Imgflip

How can you not see the killer behind you!

12. Check the backseat of your car

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Killers like to catch a free ride.

13. Don't Tell People What Your Plans Are When You Survive


You won't live to do any of those plans!

14. Research Your Family History

Via Tumblr

Most killers end up being mistreated long lost siblings so make sure you know whose coming!

15. But Most Of All: JUST LEAVE TOWN!!


If two or more of your friends are murdered get the hell out of there!

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