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Review: Grimes - Kill V. Maim

Fierce bubble gum pop meets a blaring tale about a space-travelling vampiric Al Pacino.

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Eclectic songstress Grimes has finally screamed her way into my heart. 'Kill V. Maim' is the perfect blend of upbeat electronica and the ferocity of Grimes' kickass bubble gum pop. 'Bubble gum pop' should not be taken lightly - 'Art Angels' in its entirety kicks some serious ass, with Grimes describing 'Kill V. Maim' as her "favourite track" from the album.

'Art Angels' is a long awaited shift, in what Grimes describes as being an 'incomplete transition' into a more contemporary version of Grimes.

'Kill V. Maim' is as refreshing and uniquely loveable as everything you may expect from the freely spirited songstress. From the blaring upbeat dance hook to the fluffy yet 'all up in your grill' vocals, this track invokes a powerful sense of rebellion. Amidst all the cute and fluffy, 'Kill V. Maim' remains this terrifying yet strikingly powerful 'i am here to kick ass' track, with this theme being ever so present throughout the entirety of 'Art Angels'.

Please continue to do 'you' Grimes, thank you for delivering us a truly unique musical experience!

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