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Review: Gesaffelstein - Hellifornia (REZZ Revision)

REZZ teaches us a lesson on the essence of darkness.

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Rating - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2


Bedroom producers, take notes. Twenty year old REZZ (Isabelle Rezazadeh) knows a thing or two about producing absolute weapon of dance music. Being hailed the female Gesaffelstein, she combines a mixture of the dark prince of techno (Gesaffelstein) and luscious haired bass don Bassnectar.

In what REZZ describes as a 'Revision', her take on Gesaffelsteins' 'Hellifornia' is not your typical MainStage tune. REZZ has taken an already amazing tune and sprinkled the essence of darkness upon it. With the sounds of a static chainsaw, its almost preaching moombathon.

Having recently dropped an EP titled 'The Silence is Defeaning', which features a killer vocal track titled 'Lost', REZZ is proving to be one hell of a force in dance music.
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