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June '16 Favourites

A little bit of everything from the month of June.

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1. Kyau & Albert - Sleeping Lions (feat. In Gray)

I feel like this is a quality opening to my June '16 Fav's. Kyau & Albert continue to impress me with their sound. Throwback to 2011, when i first made contact and they still know how to deliver a worthy trance anthem.

2. J├ťAN DU SOL - Cuba

Yes, this is indeed 1/3 of Australian indie dance group RUFUS. 'Cuba' is a solid summery debut.

3. The M Machine - When It's Gone (Mat Zo Remix)

Paging Mr Zo. Someone should tell this guy it's ok to flunk when producing a track or remix. But, lets be honest would we expect anything less then perfection from the master. Mat Zo is in my upper echelon of electronic dance music producers.

4. Kllo - Walls To Build

This is a smell of yet another reason to love Melbourne and why we are slowly becoming a haven for some of the best electronic acts in Australia. I fell in love with Kllo with their hit 'Bollide', and 'Walls To Build' is no different.

5. Vic Mensa - There's Alot Going On

This months most emotional tune award goes to Vic Mensa. Everything about 'There's Alot Going On' speaks real. From the lyrics to the way Vic spits, pen this down as a great piece of music.

6. Clams Casino - All Nite (feat. Vince Staples)

My monthly train tune. I still suck at rapping every word Vince says in this song, but props for pretending to know. This cops a daily play, and i can't see it stopping anytime soon.

7. Zac Waters - Silent Cartographer (Extended Mix)


For real, i swore i would never enter back into the whole 'Melbourne' scene again, but soz not soz with this one. Zac Waters is one of the most talented young producers in the game (in Melbourne) and this is quite possibly his most solid piece of work to date. From where his sound was 1-2 years ago, to now. Wow, what a revolution and please, we need more on WAO138.

8. Eli & Fur feat. Forrest - On My Own

Catch me spinning on the decks soon, because thats where this transports me. I feel a comeback brewing, and its all once again thanks to Eli & Fur.

9. ZHU - Generationwhy

Talk about taking shots, this newie from dance musics (now) biggest mystery didn't fair well. From it's cheesy lyrics to pop sounding (in electronic dance music terms) beat, let's just say this isn't the ZHU we wanted. But, as a ZHU fan and understanding the construction of an album. I understand the direction he took with 'Generationwhy'.

10. Aline - La Vie Electrique (The Hacker Remix)

It's the juicy hard hitting bassline that stole me here. Is it just me, or this something a little different from The Hacker?

11. Bon Iver - Beth/Rest

Ahhhh, my first glorious throwback of the month. By far my equal favourite Bon Iver tune (cc: Heavenly Father). Music at it's absolute best here, 'Beth/Rest' is transporting.

12. extraextraspecial - don't get me wronger

This is one of those dark 'am' bangers that you hear on one of those dark, smoke machine filled, sticky dancefloors.

13. Gonzo Jones - Westwards

The anthem for a candle lit night in with your significant other.

14. Kurt Vile - Pretty Pimpin

Another throwback for month. I don't know why this one managed to sneak in, but who am i to kid. It's damn well Kurt Vile! (duhhhhhh)

15. Shining Bird - Helluva Lot

The first of two discoveries this month. I am super excited about falling in love with this Australian band.

16. Jagwar Ma - Uncertainty

Only because i caught 3 or 4 people i follow on twitter tweeting about them at Glastonbury.

17. DOPE LEMON - Best Girl

Props to the chick that sits at the front desk at uni for drumming this one into my head.

18. Gareth Emery - Until We Meet Again (feat. Ben Gold) (Ben Nicky Remix)

One of the new kings of remixing trance music. A Ben Nicky gig is something all trance fans must experience. The original collaboration was already my favourite trance track of the year, Ben Nicky just made harder, sleeker and with a ton more fat.

19. David Hohme - Fear Less (Jody Wisternoff Remix)

What a monthly list be without some Jody Wisternoff?! *insert Wayne's World We Are Not Worthy Gif*

20. Shura - What's It Gonna Be? (Tourist Remix)

Um, it's Tourist and Shura?!!!!!???!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!

21. Yotto - The Owls

You know, Yotto hasn't really changed things up since i first spoke about him in late 2015. But, it's ok because his sound still has a lot of breathing room in my eyes.

22. Running Touch - Levitate

Running Touch finally envisions his alter Disclosure ego with this Latch sounding newie. Also, FINALLY WE GET SOME NEWS ON THAT DEBUT EP!!!!!!

23. Shura - Make It Up

You can read/ hear all about my thoughts on Shura's new one over on this weeks First Impressions.

24. Vic Mensa - 16 Shots

A true story, told through the eyes of one of the most talented young rappers in the game.

25. Human Movement - Subcity

It's 4am Sunday morning, where would you rather be and what would you rather hear?

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