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January 16' Favourites

A little bit of everything from the month of January

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1. Eric Prydz - Breathe (feat. Rob Swire)


For me, this track is a bit left a field from Prydz, but in saying that everything works and i mean, can the master of progressive house really put a foot wrong?. Paired with a mesmerising set of vocals from Rob Swire (Pendulum, Knife Party), 'Breathe' is an amazing start to 2016 for Eric Prydz.

2. Above & Beyond - Alone Tonight (Jason Ross Remix)


Above & Beyond are for me, the greatest trance act - period. Ajunabeats is at the forefront when it comes to both new music and finding new artists. It appears that they have yet again found another amazing trance act with Jason Ross. If you have attended an Anjuna event or an Above & Beyond show in the past year or two, then i have no doubt you would have come across a few tracks from Jason Ross.

3. Lemaitre - Stepping Stone feat Mark Johns


There are two things that sell this track - The Bassline and Mark Johns killer vocals. If your by no means a muso or not a part of the small percentage that live on SoundCloud then the name Mark Johns will mean nothing to you. But, this chick is absolutely killing it with releases via OWLSA and a bunch of collaborations with various artists apart of the collective Moving Castle - this girl is one to watch.

4. RÜFÜS - Say A Prayer For Me


Ah, contender for Album of The Year this early?! Heck yes.

All throughout 2015 we were teased at just how brilliant and god damn gracious 'Bloom' was going to be. Hell, Brilliant and Gracious is an understatement - its fucking musical heaven. There are a number of tracks from 'Bloom' that make this album so great, but for me it is 'Say A Prayer' that proves it weight in gold. Its that classic summer RUFUS vibe we have come to love with the majestic vocals from frontman Tyrone (they almost draw you in). With 2015 votes just wrapping up, you can bet come 'Hottest 100' 2016, 'Bloom' and 'Say A Prayer' will feature very high in the voting.

7. RÜFÜS - Like An Animal (Yotto Remix)


How is it possible to make an already amazing track more amazing? - let the brain of a deep house rising star go crazy with it. Yotto is fast becoming a star in the genre that is Deep House. His 'Personal Space' EP dropped a few months ago (with the title track 'Personal Space' striking peak house vibes) i am so in love with everything this dude is doing and i cannot wait to what else 2016 has in store for him and genre.

9. The Only Thing (Tube & Berger Remix)


I talk about Kings, Queens, Masters and Gods of music so often it can sometimes be taken out of context or appear overused at times, but what we have hear is the workings of Kings. For me, Tube & Berger place at the very front of everything when it comes to either producing an Original or Remix. They make house music so simple - no if, buts or maybes. The original of Claptone's 'The Only Thing' was already freaking amazing, but this remix is trip to house heaven. The funky guitar riff gives me chills.

10. REZZ (feat. Delaney Jane) - Lost


Is it possible for a track to have balls? if so, this is it. I could talk about how much i love everything that Rezz is doing and how excited i am for what 2016 has instore for her but thats for another day (i promise). Straight up, everything about this track is genre defying/changing. The vocals from Delaney Jane are so god damn crisp they sell this track alone, The bassline is SO juicy and fresh, almost channeling everything we have come accustomed to love in an inspiration of her's - Gesaffelstein.


11. Bob Moses - Tearing Me Up


I know this album/track come out in late 2015, but i am still goddamn obsessed with it and Bob Moses. Since the conclusion of DARKSIDE, i have longed for a duo/artist of similar vibe, and Bob Moses successfully give me that. They were just down under playing at Lost Paradise and Let Them Eat Cake, and from all reports freaking killed it. 'Tearing Me Up' is a trip through a dark beautiful dreamlike stasis, with a pinch of house vibes causing a ruckus.

Sidenote - The world is getting on the Bob Moses bandwagon with the duo playing on The Ellen DeGeneres show last week

14. Gareth Emery feat. Ben Gold - Until We Meet Again


This is how trance should sound!

This is how a Gareth Emery track should sound!

Gosh, i have not loved anything from Gareth Emery since 'Tokyo'. 'Until We Meet Again' has officially restored my love and faith in the fact that Gareth Emery is still capable of producing great trance. But this a collaboration so credit is also due to rising trance star Ben Gold - who is freaking killing it at the moment. Producing the ASOT 750 anthem amongst his credentials he too is one to watch.

Flashback - I remember waiting for Super 8 & Tab's set at Future Music Festival in 2013, with Ben Gold playing before them. The crowd was small, but he absolute killed with an amazing set of tunes and knowing how to work the crowd.

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